2018 Addison County Field Days results: Open dairy Ayrshire

NEW HAVEN — The following are the first-place winners in the Open Dairy competition for Division II, Ayrshire and Jerseys, on Saturday, Aug. 11.
Spring calf:  1. Rubicon Spinner-ET, Blue Spruce Farm. 2. Predater Arkansas, Honor Roll Farm. 3. Free Beer Rosie, Honor Roll Farm.
Winter calf: 1. Blue Spruce Viking, Blue Spruce Farm. 2. Scapeland Reagan Smitten, Elisabeth Crawford. 3. DBW Lochinvar Linette, Gilead Brook Farm.
Fall calf: 1. Blue Spruce Viking 15137, Blue Spruce Farm. 2. Blue Spruce Gentleman 15148, Blue Spruce Farm. 3. Honor Roll Wingnut Rose, Honr Roll Farm.
Summer yearling: 1. Blue Spruce Predator 14922, Blue Spruce Farm. 2. Honor Roll Gentle Carlie, Honor Roll Farm. 3. ALW Reagon Lilly, Gilead Brook Farm.
Spring yearling: 1. Four Hills Burd Sassy, Abigail Reen. 2. DeLa Paine Rubicon Singer, Blue Spruce Farm. 3. Honor Roll Jamison Trollie, Honor Roll Farm.
Winter yearling: 1. Honor Roll Gentle Falcon, Honor Roll Farm. 2. Harvest Moon Dazzle Paris, Brianna VanderWey.
Fall yearling: 1. Honor Roll Poker Star Mustang, Honor Roll Farm. 2. Farr Berkley Cecil, Aislynn Farr. 3. ALW Jamison Klover, Gilead Brook Farm.
Junior champion: Blue Spruce Farm.
Reserve junior champion: Blue Spruce Farm.
Honorable mention junior champion: Honor Roll Farm.
Junior best three: 1. Blue Spruce Farm. 2. Honor Roll Farm. 3. Aislynn Farr.
Dry cow under 5: 1. ALW Rattler Jordan, Gilead Brook Farm.
Junior 2-year-old: Blue Spruce Medalist 13912-ET, Blue Spruce Farm.
Senior 3-year-old: Four Hills Gibbs Shay; Megan, Sarah & Brad Hill.
Four-year-old: 1. De La Paine Bingo Stinger, Blue Spruce Farm. 2. ALW Rattler Heather, Gilead Brook Farm.
Five-year-old: 1. ALW Acclaim Ginney, Gilead Brook Farm.
Aged cow: 1. Either Acres Calimero Quick, Blue Spruce Farm. 2. Blue Spruce Showster 10819, Blue Spruce Farm.
Grand champion: Blue Spruce Farm.
Reserve grand champion: Blue Spruce Farm.
Honorable mention grand champion: Blue Spruce Farm.
Premier breeder: Blue Spruce Farm.
Premier exhibitor: Blue Spruce Farm.
Produce of dam: 1. Gilead Brook Farm
Dam and daughter: 1. Blue Spruce Farm. 2. Gilead Brook Farm.
Senior best three females: 1. Gilead Brook Farm.
Spring calf: 1. MENDA Lemonhead Quiver, Menda Farm. 2. AN-NA Getaway Tara, Andrew Lester. 3. Premier-View Shadows Robin, Billings Farm.
Winter calf: 1. Four Hills Casino Butterfinger, Megan Hill. 2. Four Hills Premier Bashful, Sarah Hill. 3. Premier-View Kons Piracy Theory, Billings Farm.
Summer yearling: 1. Four Hills Colton Georgia, Sarah Hill. 2. Tren Lea Tequila TicTac, Trevor Bigelow. 3. Holtmart Colton Gallileo, John & Cassie Tiffany.
Spring yearling: 1. Harkdale Joel Jay, Seth Carson. 2. Medallion Lemonhead Natalie, Medallion Jerseys. 3. Four Hills Colton Juniper, Isabelle Gilley.
Winter yearling: 1. Kellogg-Bay Lemon Slice, Dylan Essex.
Fall yearling: 1. Kay-Kowz Jennifer, Renee Bolduc. 2. Billings Joel Muffin-ET, Ginny Patz. 3. Kellogg-Bay Colton Veronica, Isaac Preston.
Junior best three: 1. Four Hills Farm. 2. Billings Farm. 3. Kellogg Bay Farm.
Dry cow under 5: 1. Cowbell Shyster Cha Cha, Andrew Lester.
Junior 2-year-old: 1. Discovery Showdown Jiovanni, Billings Farm. 2. Applevalley Premier Lulu, Addison Hubbell. 3. Harkdale Koop Twinnie, Seth Carson.
Senior 2-year-old: 1. Four Hills Velocity Gloriana, Megan Hill. 2. Billings Premier Debut-ET, Billings Farm. 3. Billings Mason Ruby of Medallion, Medallion Jerseys.
Junior 3-year-old: 1. Four Hills Impressions Galaxy, Megan Hill. 2. Secord Grandious Genie, Acer Jersey Farm. 3. Opportunity Teabow Venus, Medallion Jerseys.
Senior 3-year-old: 1. Billings Incentive Maybelline, Billings Farm. 2. Green Wind November Cutie, John & Cassie Tiffany.
Four-year-old: 1. Billings Premier Musical, Ginny Patz. 2. Acer Dividend Cranberry, Acer Jersey Farm.
Five-year-old: 1. Bryant Farm Academy Frenzi, Billings Farm. 2. Celestial Visionary Murmur, Seth Carson. 3. Acres UR Hula, Acer Jersey Farm.
Six-year-old & older: Tierney’s Hired Gun Trina, Trevor Bigelow.
Senior champion: Megan Hill
Reserve senior champion: Megan Hill.
Honorable mention senior champion: Billings Farm.
Grand champion: Megan Hill
Reserve grand champion: Megan Hill
Honorable mention grand champion: Billings Farm
Produce of dam: 1. MENDA Tequila Luna, Addison & Ruby Hubbell. 2. Kellogg Bay Gunman Glowstick, Medallion Jerseys. 3. UVM CREAM Iatola Sequioa, Joe Allen.
Dam and daughter: 1. Trevor Bigelow. 2. Acer Jersey Farm. 3. Medallion Jerseys.
Senior best three females: 1. Billings Farm. 2. Acer Jersey Farm.
Spring calf: 1. Sasha, Tara Barber. 2. Iroquois Acres H Mickey, Ashlynn Foster & Rowdy Pope. 3. Morning Dew Als Raven, David Bertrand.
Winter calf: 1. Iroquois Acres Jande, Ashlynn Foster.
Fall calf: 1. Iroquois Acres Nestle, Ashlynn Foster. 2. Tracey Farm Paige EXP, Katelynn Tracey.
Summer yearling: 1. Iroquois Acres L Rosie EXP, Ashlynn Foster.
Spring yearling: 1. Honor Roll Fantasy Rain, Honor Roll Farm. 2. NWA Stanley Minnie, Ashlynn Foster.
Winter yearling: 1. Iroquois Acres Royalty Jingle, Ashlynn Foster. 2. Tracey Farm Paprika, Katelynn Tracey.
Fall yearling: 1. Honor Roll Mudslinger General, Honor Roll Farm.
Junior best three: 1. Ashlynn Foster.
Dry cow under 5: 1. Tracey Farm Mazda Penelope, Katelynn Tracey.
Junior 2-year-old: Iroquois Acres Lil Red, Ashlynn Foster.
Senior 3-year-old: 1. K-T Morgan Royalty Mia, Ashlynn Foster.
Produce of dam: 1. Iroquois Acres Model Boo, Ashlynn Foster. 2. KT Morgan Royalty Mia, Ashlynn Foster. 3. Tracey Farm Pheona, Katelynn Tracey.
Dam and daughter: 1. Ashlynn Foster. 2. Katelynn Tracey.

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