Letter to the editor: Citizens must do more to restore ‘moral foundations’

What’s all the fuss about immigrants?
The vast majority of Americans are directly related to people who migrated to the United States from other parts of the world. My ancestors are Scot and English. The only true non-immigrant is the American Indian.
Trump has made the word “immigrant” a very dirty word. After all, according to “le grand orange,” immigrants are rapists, vicious killers, robbers, welfare moochers, etc. (Zero data to substantiate these claims). And, our dear leader, it appears, defines some of those unwelcomed immigrants as those Mexicans, Columbians and Nicaraguans (all of whom are not pristine white in complexion like the “good” immigrants). Oh, by the way, Norwegians, according to Trump, are more than welcomed to our land. They are “good” immigrants. Racism? Yep.
The immigration fuss is directly related to the perceived “browning of America.” If you get too many non-whites in the United States eventually the dominant complexion will no longer be that “pure” whiteness that the current administration covets (Heil Hitler!). It is, at its root, a power struggle between the ensconced white and powerful majority and everybody else. The threat that economic and political power will shift from white to brown complexioned human beings has helped to energize many of the Trumpists. They are unwittingly aiding a movement that is down right UNAmerican. Lady Liberty is shedding tears.
This racist administration is polarizing our union. For the Trump team any action that will empower the white (and sometimes rich) majority is fair game. The consequences of this policy are calamitous. With a bifurcated society (white vs. brown, rich vs. poor) civil order will eventually be disrupted with potentially dire consequences (riots, economic disruption, authoritarian rule).
Americans, we can do better. We can restore one of the moral foundations of our union that is eloquently stated at the base of the Statue of Liberty:
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free…”
The politicos who oppose the Trump reign have got to do more. The Democrats, in my view, need new and energetic leadership. Heaven forbid a Trump victory in 2020!
Bill Brown

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