Letter to the editor: Gov. Scott criticized for response to school shootings

When I voted for Mr. Scott it was because I thought he was the best candidate. I now feel I was wrong! Please let me throw out some suggestions formed of my opinion.
The one thing all of these acts of terror have in common is that they were all created by a sick mind. Whether it was one of the school shootings, the Boston Marathon bomber, a man plowing a pickup truck into a crowd, a person killing a social worker and their family, or a young man planning to shoot up a school. They were all acts planned and carried out by a sick mind.
Instead of thanking and praising law enforcement and the young lady who spotted the problem at Fair Haven High School and notifying authorities, Gov. Scott started running scared. He went after the weapons that the young man may or may not have used! A weapon is nothing but a tool to be used for good or bad. You can not cure a sick mind by taking away a tool, that tool has no mind!
You have some very high paid people out there who spent a lot of money getting an education to qualify them for a job of repairing those sick minds. Give them the tools for the job! Man up, Mr. Scott and do the job we asked you to do. There is a lot more at stake here than you apparently realize.
As to the young people in our schools who are scared, I understand and worry about you, too, but I also do not want you going to school in a prison. When that happens the terrorists have won! Gov. Scott throwing money at the problem may help some, but definitely is not the whole answer.
It seems to me that it might be to plan more of a jail-type atmosphere. So please, continue to watch for the sick minds and report suspicious activity. That costs almost nothing and is most helpful.
Now, let’s talk about what is really wrong with the thinking of late. The second amendment was not created so we an all go squirrel hunting. It was created so we have the ability to protect ourselves, our property and families, and our country if necessary. Without the Second Amendment you might not be able to enjoy the First Amendment and any other freedom that hasn’t already been removed by one law or another.
Example: Let’s say too many people stop being civil and Gov. Scott starts running scared again and instead of reasoning it out he decides to declare marshal law. Do you think the National Guard he sends out to curtail you will be armed with single shot twenty-twos? No, people you should have the right to own assault rifles complete with high capacity magazines just as our country needs atomic warheads for defense. But, I do not know why anyone should need such a thing as a bump stock. Who knew they existed?
Now to put your mind at ease, even though I might own a weapon or two I haven’t fired any of them in years. They make me feel secure and they are a great investment if all of these new laws haven’t devalued them. I also worry about exercising my right to free speech down at the corner store, maybe saying something without thinking about it in advance as many of us sometimes do, then having the local law arrive at my doorstep after overhearing me exercising his new right and demanding my weapons. There is a slight chance that would not end well!
Now, what are all of those legislators thinking? Do they all have their head where it doesn’t belong? We’ll save the question for another time!
H. Dexter Oliver
PS. It seems to me, in more than one instance, someone paid to help protect society dropped the ball or the multiple shootings might not have even happened. Once again, I emphasize the importance of people being aware, speaking up, and law enforcement paying attention!

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