Letter to the editor: Time to protest the current administration

Like many of us, since the 2016 elections I’ve been worried about the divisive trends in our nation. Each day can involve bracing for news about a new assault from the current U.S. administration — whether against environmental protections, rights of minorities, respect for the rule of law, or trade partners in other countries. Until today I’ve tried to keep myself positive about our nation’s strengths, the actions of many groups and individuals, including our Senators and Representatives in the U.S. Congress, and the goodness of Vermont neighbors. I’ve been carrying on with my “regular life” of routine obligations, work, family, etc., and considering myself a good person.
But this morning when I was reading Congressman Welch’s message “My Weekend Trip to the Texas-Mexico Border,” about the conditions in the centers where children have been separated from their parents, something in me snapped. I am feeling more pure rage and outrage, along with shame, than I can recall feeling anytime in my life before. I signed up to attend a “Keep Families Together” demonstration in Manchester Center, Saturday, June 30, at 10 a.m., through MoveOn.org.
But this is larger than any single issue. Those of us who have economic and majority-status security are now maintaining our daily comfort only at the cost of ignoring and accepting the suffering of others and the unjust, unconscionable actions of people in power at all levels who are still supporting the Trump regime.
I encourage everyone who has become aware of how the actions of our administration are callously damaging lives and destroying the fabric of American society to step up our non-violent resistance however we can. I know I will be.
Carolyn Schmidt

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