Letter to the editor: Nonprofit helps with pregnancies

Because I began the Middlebury Planned Parenthood clinic in 1970, I feel obligated to respond to those Vermonters and Americans who wish to defund the organization.
The primary goal of P.P. is to provide help to people who wish to control their childbearing. This help includes education regarding methods of contraceptives, their efficacy and side effects, as well as various tests related to reproduction and cancer.
Only when family planning programs fail is an abortion necessary. Only when Planned Parenthood fails is abortion an option.
Another goal of “International” Planned Parenthood relates to global population growth. This goal is to help couples in foreign nations to have the number of children that they desire. This information is especially needed in the third world; Africa, the Mideast, India and China are populations that come to mind. An estimated 1.5 billion women currently don’t have the contraceptives necessary to achieve their desired family size.
The annual global number of abortions is about 45 million. The elimination of 45 million abortions would lead to 45 million more births, which would add to the current annual 80 million population increase.
Every four years the world now adds a population equal to the current U.S. population. We cannot possibly create enough jobs, water, food, educational and health facilities, etc. in order to support that increase. Overpopulation is obviously the planet’s biggest problem, leading to many environmental symptoms, including global warming and rising oceans. Depletion of oil and water will decrease food production, leading to massive starvation.
Is it more immoral to abort a tiny embryo or allow that embryo to grow to a child or adult who will then starve? As time passes, that choice will become less and less academic.
David Van Vleck

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