Letter to the editor: Guns were made to kill people; do we really need them?

I find myself unable to be quiet about this incredible debate on guns. It shouldn’t be a debate at all. We live in a country that has been violently destroying other countries and the people living in them. This seems to be a well-accepted fact by many leading intellectuals around the world. We are considered a violent nation — a warring nation. Statistics don’t lie. Perhaps we are so used to violence that we are able to accept all this killing of our children.
At a church meeting Sunday I mentioned the fact that guns were made to kill people. I don’t know if anyone there agreed with this fact or not, but the panel disagreed and their thinking was “it is all right to use these guns for other things like competition or hunting, etc.” Someone on the panel said racecar drivers get killed by a car. Then I asked, “was the car designed to kill people?”
I wanted to talk more about the reasons do or all these killings but time didn’t permit it. I wanted to describe my experience with hunting as a young man. At age 16 my friends and I went hunting often. I wanted to do what my older brothers did, so I shot rabbit and pheasant and grouse and I actually enjoyed it. Then after some years I changed. One day I shot a pheasant. I picked it up and it was still alive. This beautiful animal was looking at me. I guess my time was up. I felt so guilty. Another time I shot a deer. It was a doe in season. I watched this deer run away with one back leg hanging loose. We tried tracking it with no luck. It was getting dark. I never forgave myself for killing that beautiful deer.
After this experience my opinion of hunting changed for the rest of my life. I do believe there are times when a person kills an animal to satisfy hunger, but this is a small percentage of all hunters. I believe most hunting is done for pleasure. We share this earth with so many living things, and to think that we kill these animals for fun should be enough reason to rethink the whole concept of why we love to go hunting.
Hunting is just one of the reasons given to continue selling guns which are used to kill people, most of them children. There are many reasons why the United States is leading in the number of mass shootings of its people. Our country is in a constant state of war, which effects how we think and act.
I’m sure psychologists could also add a long list of reasons.
There is one piece of evidence that is based entirely on facts. “Natural News” republished an important article written by Dan Roberts from Ammoland.com. It reveals the truth about mass shootings that the bureaucrats and lawmakers are choosing to sweep under the rug: psychiatric drugs. This is the inconvenient truth the media won’t cover.
Nearly every mass shooting over the last 20 years, and multiple other instances of suicide and isolated shootings, all share one thing in common. All of the perpetrators were either actively taking powerful psychotropic drugs or had been at some point in the immediate past before they committed their crimes. I have a list of 40 mass shootings compiled by Dan Roberts that I will gladly make available on request. Of the 40 mass shootings, every shooter was on a psychotropic drug. That’s a frightening statistic.
I’m very familiar with many of these drugs because doctors prescribed many different drugs for me when I was 19 years old for a long time. At age 40, in one day, I stopped taking all my medication.
I was always interested in newspaper and radio reports. Always at the end of the report they would say the drug or drugs the shooter was taking. Never missing this information until the last few years when suddenly it was never mentioned again. Never. I’ve been looking everywhere in the media for some suggestion concerning drugs and the killings. It has been swept under the rug. I’ve yet to have anyone comment on this subject. How many billions of dollars would the drug companies lose if this huge amount of drugs were reduced?
I fully realize there may be some people who will object to this information. But other people might consider this information.
Wishing the best of luck to all people everywhere, especially our youth.
Fred Barnes

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