Letter to the editor: Culture of violence leading nation down wrong path

A proud and varied culture of violence takes on many dimensions from amusement to rage, from institutional to psychotic.
Boxing, for example, is a sport that leaves the boxer less than coherent. Team sports that re-enact phalanx warfare run the risk of a similar effect. We buy tickets to watch, although as Christians, it’s currently done without lions.  
The country and Wall Street depend upon toxic hostility and the industries supported by the aggressive way we exist. Jesus, thank you for General Dynamics.
Behavioral norms evolve in the process … the acceptance of a predatory past, of savage tactics, of combative behavior. We’re contemptuous, disrespectful and abusive toward everyone about anything, while subconsciously disappointed in ourselves. It’s very pioneering, patriotic and American.
As veterans recall, sometimes the locals are simply in the wrong place and clearly in the way of whatever virtues we choose to impose. They, in turn, are added to the body count. Whether concussion-by-grenade or by sport, it’s easy to rationalize the normalcy of both.
In 1975 victory was declared and we left, which might be the model for most interventions. Monsanto and Dow dropped chemical defoliants on the indigenous and thought nothing of the consequence.
An aggressive President, acting like a rhino in heat, would spend millions to hold a parade. He’s big on the size of his missile. It’s bigger than the other boys have. The inevitable outcome promises a violent end to everything that breathes. End of story.
Alexander Lyall

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