Healthy people share their healthy goal

The Addison Independent asked some local experts what keeps them healthy in body and mind. Here’s what they had to say.
Joanna Colwell-Owner, Otter Creek Yoga
Health goals/resolutions for 2018? “In the past I would have said increase the amount of time in headstands or eat more kale. But the deeper I got into yoga the less concerned I am with my health and the more concerned with our wider community. We also have to focus more on justice for marginalized communities. I’m now more focused on society’s emotional well-being.”
Health habit you want to break this year? “The habit of worrying about what people think of me. The ‘Me Too’ movement has inspired me to break the habit of being so concerned with being polite over standing up for what is right.”
Something new you want to try this year? “Try pushing myself out of my comfort zone. To be more emotionally present in the quest to break down barriers.”
Best health-related goal you have ever set for yourself? “I’m now 50, I started practicing yoga in my 20s. Over half of my life, and all of my adult life I have practiced yoga. It has shown me compassion and presence. It has taught me to honor my own body and to honor the bodies of others. My body is not better than anyone else’s body. I want everyone’s body to be cared for and safe.”
Health Extra: “Stay fit to smash the patriarchy.”
Steve Hare-Owner, Vermont Sun Fitness
Health-related goals/resolutions for 2018? “I’m a bad one to answer that. I’m just continuing the same plan that I’ve had for 45 years … I want to motivate more young people to start a lifestyle of fitness. My one splurge is locally brewed beers. I’m going to keep it to two.”
Habit you want to break this year? “Probably the local brew thing … Also I want to break the habit of snacking before bed.”
Best health-related goal you’ve ever set for yourself? “Adopting a healthy lifestyle and a vegan lifestyle that has evolved over the years. Adopting a diet high in nutrients. Keep my eyes and brain sharp. I’ve been vegan pretty much for 40 years. Will make the occasional exception for milk in my coffee if need be.”
Health Extra: “I’m reading ‘Power Foods for the Brain’ by Neil Barnard, and I really enjoyed ‘The Starch Solution’ by John McDougal.”
Shelly Hare-Owner, Vermont Sun Fitness
Instructor of Aqua Aerobics, Spinning, Bootcamp & Many Others
Health-related goals/resolutions for 2018? “Be kinder to others. Be kinder to myself. Helping others to be healthier. I don’t personally make resolutions, just continue my health habits from the previous year.”
Habit you want to break this year? “To not be so hard on myself. It’s fine if you miss a workout and have to miss a day. Need also to be mindful of my sweets consumption. I enjoy jelly beans and dark chocolate.”
Best health-related goal you’ve ever set for yourself? “To put exercise into my daily routine. I made that goal at 18.”
Looking forward to trying anything new this year? “Well when I travel to different places and foreign countries I take fitness classes there. I don’t know where I will go this year. I love seeing what new things I can learn and bring home.”
Health Extra: “I come from an Italian family that cooked all our meals. Don’t eat out a lot. Restaurant food is always going to have more fat and salt.”
Olga Pschorr, Yoga Instructor & Director of New Leaf Montessori
Health-related goals/resolutions for 2018? “That’s big. We have a flow and glow culture, we are constantly being asked to jump from one thing to another, to be soft on our metatarsals. I like to resist the lickety-split in my yoga teaching when I can. I have found in my yoga practice that the slower practice is more healing for myself and for other people. So my goal for the next year is to do less rushing, give myself plenty of space before my practice and before teaching. I’d like to improve my steadiness, creativity and softness in my practice And to make room for more meditation.”
Habit you want to break this year? “Balancing more so I don’t feel rushed. Give myself space before having to be ‘on’ for a class. Give myself more rest and sleep. Slow down.”
Best health-related goal you’ve ever set for yourself? “Having a regular, steady, focused yoga practice is the best goal I’ve ever set. Meditationhas also been extremely positive. Also teaching, and learning more to improve my teaching.”
Something you wish you had done differently? “The constant change and turmoil of last year, nourishing myself more so I can tend to and care for others. I want to slow down and focus on the felt sense more closely.”
Looking forward to trying anything new this year? “Focusing more on creativity, yoga, and other pursuits.”
Health Extra: Approaching your yoga practice with more softness is much more healing with people, especially if you are trying to relieve stress.
Dr. Carrie Wulfman, MD; Brandon Primary Care, Porter Medical Center
Health-related goals/resolutions for 2018? “Get my rest. Play tennis three to four times a week. Keep a positive attitude.”
Health habit you want to break this year? “Curb my sweet tooth. Need to control it more.”
Something different you wish you had done with your health last year? “Exercise more. Last year was an unusual year for me. I normally exercise three to four times a week.”
Something new you want to try this year? “Pickleball. It’s like mini-tennis.”
Best health-related goal you’ve ever set for yourself? “I always drink plenty of water every day. Usually 2 or 3 liters. It’s really important.”
Health Extra: “I read a daily inspirational book called ‘Daily Gratitudes.’ I don’t know the author. I don’t usually pay much attention to things like that.” 

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