Area hunters bag a record number of deer in 2017

ADDISON COUNTY — A wildly successful December muzzleloader season helped hunters in 2017 set a record for deer weighed in a calendar year in Addison County. At least this is the best since 2005, when Vermont wildlife officials banned shooting spikehorn bucks during November’s 16-day rifle season, the most popular Vermont deer hunting season.
In all this year, 1,189 hunters took deer to one of the county’s eight reporting stations during the October-November archery season, Youth Hunting Weekend in early November, November’s rifle season, and the nine-day December muzzleloader-archery season, which ended on Sunday.
Capped off by a muzzleloader/archery total of 264 (only a handful were bow kills), the number of deer weighed locally in 2017 smashed the post-2005 mark of 1,064 that was set just a year ago.
Another mild winter contributed to good numbers of deer and plentiful feed, according to state wildlife officials. Warmer than typical weather during most of this fall and early winter also probably encouraged more hunters to take to the woods and fields — and stay at it for longer hours.
The recent closing of two reporting stations in southern Chittenden County probably also contributed to higher numbers in Addison County, but one local station — New Haven’s Village Green Market — gave up its license since last season, and another in Ferrisburgh closed in recent years.
Certainly, local freezers were being filled with venison and social media accounts with pictures during each hunting season this year.
Hunters killed 261 deer in the opening archery season, the best total in at least five years; 110 during Youth Hunting Weekend, the second-best total in eight years; and 554 in rifle season, a total exceeded only by 2016 among the past 13 years.
The muzzleloader/archery total of 264 was the best in at least the past six years.
But although weigh station operators described a healthy herd and hunters took down a number of 200-pound trophy bucks, average weights were down, as measured by bucks killed during rifle season.
The average weight of bucks weighed locally this year was 140.9 pounds, according to Independent calculations, down about five pounds from 2016 and three pounds from 2015, when weights were lower after two winters that were harsher by recent standards. The average weight also stood at 146 pounds in 2012 before those two tougher winters.
Also, for the previous five seasons the most populated weight class of bucks taken was the 140-149 pound range. This rifle season hunters took 89 deer that weighed between 120 and 129 pounds and 87 between 140 and 149 pounds.
Vermont Field Sports owner Dick Phillips speculated that the mild 2016-2015 winter allowed more young deer to make it through, meaning that during rifle season there were simply more targets in the smaller weight ranges.
“I would say it’s because the young bucks survived,” Phillips said.
Other county totals between 2009 and 2015 have ranged from a low of 671 in 2011 to a high of 1,021 in 2010.
The full scan for deer weighed in the county during this and previous seven years stands at:
•  In 2017, 1,189 deer (554 rifle, 110 youth, 265 bow, 260 muzzleloader)
•  In 2016, 1,064 deer (573 rifle, 94 youth, 206 bow, 191 muzzleloader).
•  In 2014, 724 (359 rifle, 107 youth, 152 bow, 106 muzzleloader).
•  In 2013, 807 (421 rifle, 109 youth, 132 bow, 145 muzzleloader).
•  In 2012, 875 (405 rifle, 124 youth, and 346 combined bow/muzzleloader).
•  In 2011, 671 (329 rifle, 110 youth, 232 bow/muzzleloader).
•  In 2010, 1,021 (428 rifle, 95 youth weekend, 498 bow/muzzleloader). 
•  In 2009, 840 (301 rifle, 91 youth, 448 bow/muzzleloader).
Buxton’s Store weighed the three biggest deer overall, all taken in rifle season: a 223-pounder with a 3-point antler rack that Wright Myrick shot in Bridport; a 213-pound, 9-pointer that Taylor Patterson brought down in Shoreham; and a 212-pound, 8-pointer Stephen Parise killed in Orwell.
Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury handled the two largest deer taken in bow season, a 207-pound, 8-pointer Robert Ketcham brought down in Sudbury, and a 205-pound, 6-pointer Michael Desjadon killed in Middlebury.
Two other archery hunters had 200-pounders weighed in the county: Richard Thurber took a 202-pounder with a 10-point rack that he killed in Bristol to West Addison General Store, and Chris Hanson shot a 201-pound, 8-point buck in Orwell and took it down the road to Buxton’s Store.
Deer taken during the productive muzzleloader season were smaller. The largest was a 164-pounder with a nice 10-point rack that Kevin Kayhart killed in Waltham and had weighed at Rack and Reel in New Haven.
The following hunters took deer to those reporting stations, or to Lincoln General Store, Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol, or C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury. They are listed along with town of kill and deer details (pounds for does and young deer, and pounds and points for bucks).
Thirty-eight muzzleloader hunters took their deer to Jerusalem Corners Country Store in South Starksboro. Those names will be unavailable.
Bow: Andrew Hutchinson, Leicester, 50 female; Dwight Dunning, Ripton, 87 doe; Richard Miller, Middlebury, 55 male; Kevin Berry, New Haven, 110 doe; Mark Bowen, Ferrisburgh, 134 doe; Terry Aldrich, Cornwall, 79 doe; John Cogley, Hancock, 172-9 buck; Brent Jocelyn, Middlebury 106 doe; Chris Ringey, Cornwall, 132-8 buck; Steven Rheaume, Cornwall, 98 doe; Robert James, Weybridge, 120 doe; and Peter Funk, Cornwall, 106-4 buck.
Also, William Maloy Jr., Sudbury, 108 doe; Lester Little, Ferrisburgh, 110-6 buck; Stever Bartlett, Cornwall, 111 doe; Kevin Carter, Bridport, 108 doe; Robert Whitman, Ripton, 97 doe; Brett Ringey, Cornwall, 120 doe; Eric Gracie, Johnson, 129 doe; Anthony Andrews, Waitsfield, 137-6 buck; Robert Ketcham, Sudbury, 207-8 buck; Marc Ringey, Cornwall, 106 doe; and Calvin Loven, Leicester, 106 doe.
Also, Michael Ash, Cornwall, 99-3 buck; Andrew Piper, Ripton, 99 doe; Matthew Bourgeois, Shoreham, 118 doe and 83 doe; Kirk Ringey, Cornwall, 143-7 buck; Tony Quenneville, Whiting, 115 doe; William Thorpe, New Haven, 109 doe; James Reynolds, Salisbury, 137-5 buck; Matthew Curran, New Haven, 62 male; and Mark Bowen, Ferrisburgh, 129 doe.
Also, Gregory Gearwar, Brandon, 116 doe; Frank Raymond, New Haven, 118 doe; Larry Butler, New Haven, 125-5 buck; Michael Desjadon, Middlebury, 205-6 buck; Justin Rubright, Salisbury, 120-4 buck; Kevin Payne, Bridport, 117-4; Patrick Whitley, Weybridge, 118-7 buck; Tyler Pockette, Salisbury, 60 male; Barry Forbes, Middlebury, 91 doe; James Danyow, Ferrisburgh, 122-4 buck; Daniel Stein, Ferrisburgh, 115-4 buck; and Devin Dwire, Salisbury, 101 doe.
Muzzle: Gary Perkins, Hancock, 145-8 buck; John Vaudrien, New Haven, 142 doe; Dustin Dattilio, Bridport, 140 doe; David Putnam, Middlebury, 137-5; Daniel Wimett, Brandon, 136 buck; Elwood Martin, Pawlet, 136-7 buck; Todd Seguin, Salisbury, 135 doe; Ricky Rheaume, Cornwall, 132 doe and 130 doe; Harold Atkins, New Haven, 132 doe; David Wemette, Salisbury, 132-3; Steven Rheaume, Cornwall, 128 doe; and Calvin Loven, Salisbury, 128 doe.
Also, Steven Fifield, Cornwall, 127 doe; Earl Booska, Bristol, 126 doe; Philip Cyr, Bridport, 125 doe; Dean Rheaume, Middlebury, 125 doe; Leon Demers, New Haven, 124 doe; Tim Davis, Cornwall, 122 doe; Lester Little, Ferrisburgh, 121-4; Will Madison, Shoreham, 118-5; James Ross, Cornwall, 118 doe; Barry Whitney, Middlebury, 117 doe; Richard Ramsey, Ripton, 117 doe; Ronald Berthiaume, Salisbury, 117 doe; and Justin Maheu, Salisbury, 115 doe.
Also, Sean Kingman, New Haven, 115 buck; Rheal Gevry, New Haven, 115 doe; Heath Noble, Shoreham, 113 doe; Timothy Whitman, Cornwall, 109 doe; Gregory Whitney, Salisbury, 106 doe; David Wimett, Brandon, 106 doe; Peter Funk, Cornwall, 105-3 buck; Paris Rinder-Goddard, Middlebury, 105 doe; Andrew Recupero, Weybridge, 105 doe; Toby Rheaume, Middlebury, 102 doe; Margene Loven, Leicester, 102 doe; and Patrick Clark, Middlebury, 95 doe.
Also, Leonard Bonneau, Brandon, 89 doe; Nicholas Desjadon, Salisbury, 88 doe; Levi Doria, Ripton, 87-3 buck; Timothy Whitney, Cornwall, 85 doe; Brendan Bordonaro, Middlebury, 77 doe; Arnold Malloy, Middlebury, 69 male; Ian Ploof, Middlebury, 67 female; Courtney Bean, Shoreham, 63 female; and Josh Kennett, Middlebury, 60 female.
Rifle: (A number of Vermont Field Sports reporters were accidentally omitted from our rifle season report last month) John Mlcuch, New Haven, 115-3; Charles Morris, Salisbury, 114-3; David De Vries, Middlebury, 109-7; Timothy Whitney, Middlebury 117-6; Kelly Torrey, Salisbury, 105-3; Todd Seguin, Weybridge, 110-4; Gregory Gearwar, Brandon, 100-5; Bryce Metcalfe, Brandon, 120-6; and Jared Hubbell, New Haven, 110-4.
Also, Charles Sargent, Weybridge, 115-4; Michael Kingman, New Haven, 99-6; Stephen Butler, Middlebury, 114-4; Dustin Dattilio, Shoreham, 109-4; Lee Terrier, Cornwall, 103-4; Richard Miller, Middlebury, 100-5; Steven Rheaume, Middlebury, 104-6; Hunter Dyer, Ripton, 110-4; Michael Shackett, Leicester, 95-4; and Christopher Armell, Sudbury, 108-5.
Bow: Bruce Cram, Ripton, 122 doe; Hunter Warner, Middlebury, 113-3 buck; Francis Simons, Middlebury, 113 doe; Scott Whitman, Ripton, 105 doe; Toby Rheaume, Salisbury, 101 doe; Richard Miller, Middlebury, 70 doe; and Richard Tatro, Brandon, 61 female.
Muzzle: George Whitcomb, Middlebury, 115 doe; Thatcher Trudo, Salisbury, 100 doe; Justin Rubright, Salisbury, 99 doe; Dean Rheaume, Whiting, 99 doe; Michael Forbes, Middlebury, 85 doe; Matthew McGuire, Bristol, 79 male; Gabriel Cameron, Salisbury, 75 doe; and Daniel Cram, Middlebury, 75 doe.
Bow: Herbert Glidden, Bridport, 141 doe; Jeremy Francis, Bridport, 125-4 buck and 120 doe; Richard Thurber, Bristol, 202-10 buck; Jacob Burmania, Waltham, 110 doe; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 135 doe; Adam Paquette, New Haven, 100 doe; James Hatch, Panton, 110 doe; Daniel Hebert, Weybridge, 114 doe; Wayne Stearns Jr., Ferrisburgh, 135-4 buck; Greg McEvilla, Panton, 125-3 buck; James Fairbrother, Shoreham, 150-7 buck; Gabe LaBerge, Shoreham, 165-6 buck; Zane Leno, Monkton, 95 buck; and Steve Myrick, Bridport, 113-5 buck.
Muzzle: John Parker, Addison, 100 buck; Susan French, Addison, 108 doe; Jacob Lafrance, Ferrisburgh, 130 doe; Mitchell Gallison, Addison, 90 doe; Jordan Weedman, Richmond, 100 doe; Andrew Nolan, Panton, 76 female; Michael Holler, Addison, 101 doe; Raymond Cousineau, Addison, 123 doe; Richard St. George, Charlotte, 120 doe; Jamison Bannister, Addison, 110 doe; and Anthony Pidgeon, Cornwall, 130 doe.
Also, Ben Paquin, Panton, 128 doe; Herbert Glidden, Bridport, 147-5 buck; Dwayne Roberts, Addison, 148-3 buck; Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 125 doe and 130 doe; Don St. George, Charlotte, 130 doe; Richard St. George, Charlotte, 120-3 buck; Daniel Bishop, Addison, 130 doe; Raymond Cousineau, Addison, 154-3 buck; Ricky Putnam, Panton, 121 doe; Klancy Dunbar, Addison, 102 doe; Dustin Wright, Weybridge, 77 female; and Horace Richards, Addison, 78 male.
Bow: Mark Laberge, Shelburne, 175-7 buck; Dean Ouellette, Weybridge, 116-8 buck; Kevin Reed, Addison, 150-8 buck; Sally Torrey, Ferrisburgh, 148-4 buck; Edward Sears, Ferrisburgh, 133 doe; Roger Gingras, Middlebury, 128 doe; Kevin Masse, New Haven, 126 doe; Douglas Lavalette, Shelburne, 125-6 buck; Jason Twenge, Charlotte, 123-4 buck; Dustin Hutchinson, Leicester, 122 doe; Kim Goodell, New Haven, 122-5 buck; and George Lavalette, Shelburne, 120-5 buck.
Also, Gregory Cousino, New Haven, 120 doe; Kevin Carter, Bridport, 120-5 buck; Eugene Bradford, Ferrisburgh, 120 doe; Patrick McGlaflin, Charlotte, 120-6 buck; Dewey Barrows, Ferrisburgh, 119-5; James Farnsworth, Panton, 118 doe; Richard Ambrose Ferrisburgh, 117 doe; Charles Ringer, Panton, 115 doe; Donald Sorrell, Charlotte, 113 doe; Joshua Hurlburt, Monkton, 112-7 buck; Lucas Smith, New Haven, 111-7 buck; and Bruce Cheever, Middlebury, 110 doe.
Also, Tallon Real, New Haven, 110 doe; Craig Cheever, Bristol, 110 doe; Matt Leonard, Ferrisburgh, 110 doe; Victor Burbo, Monkton, 109-3 buck; Kenneth Stockman, Addison, 109 doe; Scott Jarvis, New Haven, 108 doe; Evan Fleming, Ferrisburgh, 108 doe; Adam Shortsleeve, Starksboro, 107-5; Cooper Harvey, Charlotte, 106-4; Adam Shortsleeve, Starksboro, 106-0; Timothy Bouvier, New Haven, 106-4 buck; and Eric Wedge, Starksboro, 106 doe.
Also, Ryan Fortune, New Haven, 105 doe; Daniel Bourgeois, Hinesburg, 104-5 buck; Kevin Brennan, Monkton, 104-4; Charles Paolontonio, Monkton, 102 doe; John Chamberlain, Lincoln, 101 doe; Sidney Barbour, Ferrisburgh, 99 doe; Franklin Loven, Monkton, 99 doe; John Peck, Ripton, 98 doe; Robert Twenge, Monkton, 98 doe; Andy Gendreau, Monkton, 97-3 buck; James Towle, Addison, 93 doe; Mary Ringer, Ferrisburgh, 91 doe; and Jeremy Lattrell, New Haven, 91 doe.
Also, Heather Ploof, Salisbury, 89 doe; Christopher Melendy, Lincoln, 86 doe; Patrick Blaise, Ferrisburgh, 75 doe; Cobi Badger, Monkton, 71 female; David Maulucci, Monkton, 67 female; Dustin Tierney, New Haven, 60 female; William Grace, New Haven, 55 male; Daniel Stein, Ferrisburgh, 108 doe; Craig Cheever, Middlebury, 70 male; and Justin Lalumiere, South Hero, 50 female.
Muzzle: Kevin Kayhart, 164-8 buck; Donald Sorrell, Charlotte, 151-5 buck; Sterling Pelsue, New Haven, 143 doe; Matthew Funk, Cornwall, 139 doe; Andre Rheaume, New Haven, 138-7; John Cole, Ferrisburgh, 137-5; William Kimball, New Haven, 132 doe; Benjamin Cram, Cornwall, 132 doe; Robert Therrien, Charlotte, 129 doe; Joseph Martin, Charlotte, 129-5; Bruce Perlee, New Haven, 129-6; Timothy Ashley, Ferrisburgh, 127-5; and Adam Paquin, Waltham, 127 doe.
Also, Frank Stanley, Monkton, 126 doe; Andrew Lafleur, Cornwall, 126 doe; Kevin Brennan, Monkton, 126-6 buck; Eugene Bradford, Ferrisburgh, 126 doe; Brian Morin, Addison, 125 doe; Henry Tierney, New Haven, 125 doe; Brian Fortin, Charlotte, 123 doe; Casey Huizenga, Bristol, 122-0; Jason Miller, Shelburne, 122 doe; Joseph Seeley, Ferrisburgh, 121 doe; Stephen Gutowski, Ferrisburgh, 120 doe; and Shawn Freegard, Weybridge, 119 doe.
Also, Dustin Tierney, New Haven, 119 doe; Samir Kadric, Ferrisburgh, 119 doe; Kyle Cousino, Bristol, 118-6 buck; Thadeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 116 doe; Alan Whittemore, Ferrisburgh, 115-4 buck; Charles Dwy, Ferrisburgh, 115 doe; Matthew Crowley, Ferrisburgh, 115-3; Scott Brace, Shoreham, 114 doe; Kyra Bradford, Ferrisburgh, 114 doe; Gary English, Salisbury, 114 doe; Ryan Zeno, St. Johnsbury, 114-3 buck; and Vincent Comai, Hinesburg, 112 doe.
Also, Francis Trombley, Ferrisburgh, 112 doe; Evan Fleming, Ferrisburgh, 112 doe; Cody Bowen, Ferrisburgh, 111 doe; Matt Leonard, Ferrisburgh, 111 doe; Johnathan Hill, New Haven, 110 doe; Timothy Paquette, Waltham, 110-4 buck; Ronald Vincent, Waltham, 109 doe; Benjamin Andrews, Panton, 109 doe; Joseph Owen, Colchester, 109 doe; Joshua Baldwin, Waltham, 107 doe; Denis White, Monkton, 105 doe; Stephen Davis, Weybridge, 105 buck; Christopher Crane, New Haven, 104 doe; Tristin Shuping, Middlebury, 103-6 buck; and Matthew Titus, Hinesburg, 103 doe.
Also, Daniel Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 102 doe; Lucas Smith, New Haven, 102-3 buck; Jason Whittemore, Waltham, 102 doe; Ray Davis, New Haven, 98-5 buck; Raymond Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 98 doe; Travis Paquette, Bristol, 98 doe; Michael Davis, New Haven, 97 doe; Raymond Latreille, Monkton, 97 doe; Victor Lavoie, Ferrisburgh, 93 doe; Benjamin Wallen, Orwell, 92 doe; Mark Deering, Benson, 90 doe; and Mark Beauchemin, Bristol, 82 doe.
Also, Gary Baker, Weybridge, 82 male; Justin Fitzsimmons, Ferrisburgh, 80 male; Alexander Loomis, Weybridge, 77 male; Randy Butler, New Haven, 76 male; Jody Conant, Shoreham, 75 doe; Richard Lathrop, Waltham, 75 male; Jeffrey Cook, New Haven, 73 male; Mackenzie Sullivan, Panton, 73 male; Aaron Collette, Whiting, 71 male; Kevin Lambert, Ferrisburgh, 69 female; Eugene Aube, New Haven, 65 female; Zachary Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 59 female; and Bruce Cheever, Middlebury, 59 male.
Bow: Dana Paige, Lincoln, 116 doe; Jeff Mayo, Lincoln, 114 doe; Allen Noble, Lincoln, 83 doe and 101 doe; Rogan Jackman, Monkton, 118 doe; Aaron Thomas, Lincoln, 134-4 buck; Andrew Cousino, Lincoln, 126-6 buck; Michael Jewell, Lincoln, 110 doe and 104-4 buck; Barry Longe, Lincoln, 53 fawn; Brett Sargent, Lincoln, 125-4 buck and 107 doe; Tyson Rotax, Ripton, 133-5 buck; Rick Chobot, Lincoln, 119 doe; Justin Malzac, Ripton, 123-3; Jordan Fritz, Bristol, 50 fawn; Aaron Schondube, Lincoln, 109 doe; Daniel Nugent, Middlebury, 121-5 buck; and Thomas Hanley, Lincoln, 108 doe.
Muzzle: John Desautels, Lincoln, 65 female; Joshua Cyr, New Haven, 108-6 buck; Norman Michaud, New Haven, 75 male; Gary Barclay, Lincoln, 104 doe; Harold Masterson, Ripton, 121-5 buck; Patrick Hendee, Jericho, 106 doe; Bruce Perlee, New Haven, 119 doe; and Michael Brennan, New Haven, 96 doe.
Bow: Abraham Goyette, Bristol, 124 doe; Jody Brown, Lincoln, 115 doe; Conrad Marsano, Enosburg, 42 female; Ronald Dausablon, Charlotte, 170-8 buck; Kirk Jennings, Bristol, 105 doe; Mark Pouliot, Monkton, 95-4 buck; Casey Butler, Middlebury, 191-6 buck; Wilbert Clark, Lincoln, 106 doe; Caleb Tucker, New Haven, 71 female; Casey Huizenga, Monkton, 111-4 buck; Henry Ramsey, Lincoln, 53 female; Richard Malzac, New Haven, 123 doe; and Travis White, Bristol, 128 doe.
Also, Brittany Forbes, Bristol, 96 doe; David Patterson, Lincoln, 127-3 buck; Kirk Jennings, Bristol, 107-doe; Sean Beloin, Monkton, 120 doe; Adam Berno, Addison, 117-6 buck; Robert Labossiere, Buel’s Gore, 93 doe; Donald Pepe, Shoreham, 62 female; Jody Brown, Lincoln, 88 doe; Josh Roscoe, Bristol, 142-6 buck; Anthony Porter, Starksboro, 100 doe; Dustin Whitcomb, Middlebury, 94 doe; Carla Jimmo, New Haven, 99 doe; and David Pepe, Whiting, 90 doe.
Also, Daniel Briggs, Lincoln, 129-7 buck; Derek Whitcomb, New Haven, 117-6 buck; Carla Jimmo, New Haven, 87 doe; Jeremy Jennings, Addison 109 doe; Victor Fifield, Bristol, 103 doe; Brian Webb, Middlebury, 137 doe; Justin Malzac, Ripton, 106 doe; Gary Briggs, Lincoln, 110 doe; Joshua Rochon, Monkton, 117 doe;
Muzzle: Chase Atkins, New Haven, 139 doe; Ray Davis, Weybridge, 129 doe; David Gagnon, New Haven, 75 doe; Matt Norris, New Haven, 130 doe; Don Laurie, Monkton, 125 doe; Tim Yandow, New Haven, 119 doe; Cale Pelland, Bristol, 120 doe; Josh Roscoe, Bristol, 108 doe; Lance Perlee, Bristol, 60 female; Travis White, Weybridge, 126 doe; Owen Bromley, Starksboro, 81 doe; Robert Twenge, Monkton, 95 doe; Mark Cousino, Bristol, 114 doe; and Stephen Reynolds, New Haven, 90 doe.
Also, Jonathan Jennings, Middlebury, 122 doe; Logan Boyer, Cornwall, 79 doe; Daniel Briggs, New Haven, 116 doe; Brian Ramsey, New Haven, 68 female; Donald Pepe, Shoreham, 68 female; Peter Moyer, Lincoln, 108-3 buck; Nick Lossman, Lincoln, 93-6 buck; Patrick Irish, New Haven, 107-5 buck; Stephen Aruzza, Middlebury, 92 doe; and Anthony Porter, Fayston, 92 doe.
Also, Matthew McGuire, New Haven, 140 doe; Tyler Cousino, New Haven, 115 doe; Ricky Mobbs, Hinesburg, 94 doe; William Forbes, Middlebury, 129 doe; David Yandow, New Haven, 116 doe; Kirk Jennings, Starksboro, 103 doe; Jason Cousino, Bristol, 80 doe; Scott Blaise, Starksboro, 103-4 buck; Geoff Booth, New Haven, 105-3; and Martin Landon, Weybridge, 155-8.
Bow: Grant Lewis, Huntington, 99 doe; Charles Spence, Huntington, 100 doe; Kenneth Russin, Huntington, 110 doe; Jack Gracie, Lincoln, 152-4 buck; Michael Lowell, Charlotte, 124-4 buck; Scott Curtis, Monkton, 94 doe; Jason Berry, Lincoln, 111 doe; Michael Kenyon, Bristol, 91 doe; Michele Haskins, Lincoln, 100 doe; Brian Heffernan, New Haven, 134-4 buck; Eric Larose, Lincoln, 106 doe; and Michele Sullivan, Starksboro, 80 doe.
Also, Andrew Jimmo, Lincoln, 60 male; Corey Shepard, Starksboro, 103 doe; Matthew Norris, New Haven, 110-7 buck; Alger Clinton, Huntington, 107 doe; Timothy Curtis, Panton, 130-3 buck; Robert Jimmo, Lincoln, 120 doe; Ryan Whitcomb, Bristol, 118 doe;  Victor Atkins, Starksboro, 122 doe; David Cunningham, Starksboro, 75 female; Joshua Kruger, 69 female; George Cunningham, Lincoln, 63 male; and Brian Baillargeon, Lincoln, 120 doe.
Also, Andrew Jimmo, Lincoln, 52 female; Keon Leclair, Charlotte, 98-4 buck; Edward Raymond, Hinesburg, 90 doe; William Heffernan, Starksboro, 95 doe; Lawrence Martell, Lincoln, 100 doe; Bradley Palmer, Charlotte, 125 doe; Gary Cole, Starksboro, 97 doe; John Chamberlain, Starksboro, 90 doe; John Gillette, Monkton, 121 doe; Ryan Cornellier, Ferrisburgh, 117 doe; Erin Dalley, Lincoln, 78 doe; Eugene Streeter, Starksboro, 103 doe; and Timothy Jimmo, Lincoln, 96 doe.
Bow: Joe Miller, Orwell, 98 doe; Brett Huntley, Benson, 99 doe and 164-5 buck; Ed Bell, Orwell, 161-7 buck; Jim Gill, Cornwall, 108-4 buck; Allen Alger, Orwell, 113 doe; Will Bishop, Benson, 135-4 buck; Jason New, Leicester, 128 doe; James Hanson, Fair Haven, 98 doe; and Zoran Tomin, Hubbardton, 97 doe.
Also, Terry Norris, Shoreham, 168-6; Jacob Abbott, Orwell, 97 doe; Don Dufour, Benson, 121 doe; Darren Ouellette, Shoreham, 120-4 buck; Roger Dunn, Orwell, 112 doe; Tyler Wilson, Orwell, 102-0; Dave Leonard, Sudbury, 180-7 buck; Bradley Disorda, Orwell, 127-4 buck; and Chris Davis, Shoreham, 100 doe.
Also, Kristine Nolan, Shoreham, 140 doe; Chris Hanson, Orwell, 201-8 buck; Dylan Lanphear, Shoreham, 134 doe and 157-4 buck; Duane Kehoe, Orwell, 115 doe; Tim Little, Orwell, 125-3 buck; Mike Disorda, Benson, 120 doe; Hunter Eddy, Orwell, 100 doe; Ryan Fraser, Shoreham, 60 female; and Dan Herriman, Middlebury, 110 doe.
Also, Jennifer Gramling, Orwell, 130 doe; Taylor Patterson, Shoreham, 138 doe; Ed Lanpher, Shoreham, 126-6 buck; Chuck Eddy, Orwell, 103 doe; Jason D’Avignon, Orwell, 129-4 buck; Anthony Mallette, Hubbardton, 106 doe; Adam Christian, Shoreham, 119 doe; Jeremy Quenneville, Orwell, 147-3 buck; and Robert Ryan, Fair Haven, 110 doe.
Muzzle: Michael Matot, Shoreham, 153-8 buck; Kristin Nolan, Shoreham, 143 doe; Brian Kemp, Sudbury, 139-4 buck; Morris Lackey, Shoreham, 132 doe; Adam Sears, Brandon, 126-4 buck; Duane Kehoe, Shoreham, 125 doe; Dennis Smith, Middlebury, 115 doe; Jason New, Leicester, 112 doe; Brent Warren, Salisbury, 103 doe; Lemuel Palmer, Shoreham, 160-4 buck; and Brian Desforges, Bridport, 151-6.
Also, Edson Lanpher, Shoreham, 145 doe; Will Madison, Shoreham, 136 doe; Brett Huntley, Orwell, 135 doe; Tyler Wilson, Orwell, 135-0; Darren Ouellette, Shoreham, 134 doe; Daniel Redondo, Orwell, 129 doe; Michael Eastman, Orwell, 126 doe; Steve Myrick, Bridport, 119 doe; Christopher Mongeur, Orwell, 115 doe and 135 doe; Matthew Bourgeois, Shoreham, 110 doe; Krista Hall, Orwell, 106 doe; and Kevin Stocker, Bridport, 101 doe.
Also, Zachary Booska, Bridport, 91 doe; Cooper Laroche, Shoreham, 83 male; Lynn Traverse, Shoreham, 74 female; Leslie Myers, Hubbardton, 143 doe; Douglas Morrison, Orwell, 135 doe; Devin Russell, Orwell, 130 doe; Delbert Frazier, Orwell, 128 doe and 122 doe; Lawrence Bishop, Orwell, 126 doe; Frederick Russell, Orwell, 120 doe; Wyatt Forbes, Orwell, 119-3 buck; and Daniel Ellis, Orwell, 116 doe.
Also, Eric Russell, Orwell, 115 doe; Siri Swanson, Orwell, 111 doe; Daniel Forcier, West Haven, 111 doe; Kipp Denis, Benson, 110 doe; Scott Denis, Benson, 107 doe; Devin Russell, Orwell, 102-3 buck; Joseph Paquette, Orwell, 85 doe; Sarah Washburn, Orwell, 83 doe; and Raymond Savoie, West Rutland, 62 male.
Andy Kirkaldy may be reached at [email protected].

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