Letter to the Editor: Pondering why my sunny disposition is now gloomy

I’m not a person prone to depression. But over the last several months my mood has changed. A cloud has drifted over my usually sunny (or at least partly sunny) outlook. To figure out what was going on with me (I’m a retired psychologist) I did an internal check that included the following:
Is my wife happy? Yes as best as I can figure out.
Finances OK? Not bad — could always be better.
Health issues? Yeah. Aches here and there. The norm for 74.
Golf game improving? Nope. But spring is just around the corner (optimistic view) and the perfect swing is just a few months away.
Extended family OK? Yep.
So, what’s going on? Why the depressed mood?
Answer: It’s TRUMP.
Every day — literally EVERY day — this head of the most powerful country in the world (used to be the most influential country in the world) commits another act that I would only expect to take place in Seinfeld’s “Bizarro” world. A few examples:
Trump lies at least once a day (Obama was not born in the United States, the new tax code will not benefit him…..etc., it’s a long list). He encourages racist groups on a weekly basis (e.g., the recent British First re-tweets). He has strained relations with our allies — the Brits for example (see above). He has zero regard for women’s well-being (he has refused to condemn the Alabamian candidacy of Moore).
His behavior is unacceptable and dangerous. Will his Presidency bring to our nation nuclear war, the resurgence of the KKK, a further increase in the economic gulf between the “one percent” and rest of us, and, no safe place for women?
It’s depressing! Write Sens. Leahy and Sanders and  Congressman Welch. Maybe they can help remove this president from office.
Bill Brown

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