Letter to the Editor: Decisive vote is Mount Abe real need

I have been contemplating this writing since before the second $30 million-plus vote to restore Mount Abraham Union High School. My out-of-body self has been standing in the street in front of my house screaming about the folly of spending that amount of money to have two gyms and a new library that isn’t needed because everybody has a smart phone and every library in their pocket and yada, yada, yada and I could go on and on but I won’t. Nobody wants to listen to a rant, right?
Instead, I will attempt to show my rational self and talk about this notion of thinking outside the box. Oops, I hear a groan from those that have spent months working up a scenario that will keep this community in horrendous debt for 30 more years as the school population dwindles because people can’t afford to live here. Why not spend way less, fix the glaring problems and maybe be able to keep more of the Mt. Abe graduates in the community. I’m thinking they won’t appreciate having to help pay down that debt for their entire working career. The green and yellow pastures are pretty but those that are greener will surely be more attractive.
The other point that has been brought up to me is the danger of another close vote on the proposed cost. The community as a whole needs to feel good about the result of the vote. A close vote to me, in either direction, is a hollow victory. Half the people are happy and the other half are not (to say the least).
This last vote was not only close, it was disgustingly light. What is the matter with you people in the Mt. Abraham community? If you care about the school then you need to VOTE. If you care about your pocket book, then you need to VOTE. We ALL care about one or the other. Complacency here is not an option. I’ve heard noises about a revote in December so figure out what you’re going to do, people. And hopefully we’ll have a large, lopsided vote and therefore decisive.
Jeremy Perfect

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