Letter to the Editor: Research on climate change urged before Nov. 7 vote

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, there will be a very important vote in the town of Middlebury. This vote has as much to do with just compensation for a lease as the tax on sugary drinks has to do with ending obesity. It is in fact, a minority’s legal right to express its displeasure, regardless of its effects on everyone else.
Enough reading will supply the knowledge that every form of possible energy available to Vermont has its vocal opposition. Some of the reasons given, by these groups, are the following:
1.      Promotes climate change.
2.      Disturbs fish habitats.
3.      Has caused indigenous peoples in Canada to be displaced.
4.      Comes from out of country.
5.      Too loud; causes headaches.
6.      Ruins my view; aesthetics.
7.      Possible meltdown; soil and water contamination; disposal problems.
8.      Carbon footprint during construction and disposal.
9.      Government control/ownership rights.
10.  Possible causation of earthquakes.
11.  Infiltration into water reservoirs.
12.  Rupturing pipes.
13.  Too much smoke pollution.
Imagine if the reasons given for not employing suggested energy sources were listened to and those sources were not employed. Where would our towns, cities and country be in terms of the needed energy for civilization to exist?
It is too easy and simplistic to just say, “No!” It is much harder, but far more fruitful, to say, “What can we do to reduce energy sources’ problems so that a very nice mixture of them can be utilized.”
The Earth’s climate has changed many times without the benefit of man being involved. No matter what is done, the climate will change. The concern should be not in trying to prevent it, but how can civilization successfully adapt, in a positive manner. Yes, man can possibly exacerbate the climate change scenario and should take steps to reduce the possible causation effects.
In preparing for your choice of vote on the lease compensation issue, I might suggest the following sources of pertinent information:
A. Middlebury selectboard minutes 6/13/17 and 6/27/17.
B. U.S. Energy Information Administration; (Vermont State Profile and Energy Estimates) 6/15/2017.
C. “Hard Facts: An Energy Primer,” prepared by The Institute for Energy Research; 2015.
Nov. 7 is an opportunity for the whole Middlebury community to be heard. Take a few minutes and vote.
Brian Bauer

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