Letters to the Editor: Too many issues for legalized pot

I support more study on legalizing marijuana in regards to public health.
How will the public be protected from exposure to second- and third-hand “smoke” from this? After all we are still battling to be protected from cigarette smoke. What of the effects on children and pets in households where people smoke the pot?
How will the public be protected from the drugged drivers? You liken it to alcohol. It does impair judgment. It slows reaction times. And what of fire concerns when they toss the butts, like cigarettes, out their car windows or toss it on the ground as they are walking? After all, how many fires have been caused by cigarettes? Now toss in MJ smokes.
What of liability? If legalized and anyone can use it, how does the public protect themselves further? Think about it, for your child’s teacher could be toking, your doctor, surgeon, dentist, and others who may utilize it, which in turn can put the general public at risk?
Medical use can be regulated and controlled, documented and followed up with, but what of unregulated? What of those who lace their MJ with other more deadly substances?
As you can see there is much more study needed and more assurances needed in regards to the safety and well being of all people and even pet welfare.
One thing I have learned in Vermont and in all of the places I have lived in, in Vermont … drugs are everywhere and I have yet to see how my rights are being protected? Shouldn’t I have the right not to breathe in others’ smoke, be it marijuana or cigarettes? Should I not have the right to be safe?
Think before you legalize.
Pambonnie Barrows

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