‘Looking In, Looking Out’ still on view at Edgewater at the Falls

Edgewater Gallery’s two Middlebury locations will host the group show “Looking In, Looking Out: Two Galleries, Six Artists” this September. The show explores how man-made structures interact with the natural world. Edgewater Gallery on the Green will feature the work of painters Kathryn Milillo, Faye Mylen, and photographer Jim Westphalen. Edgewater Gallery at the Falls will feature Steven P. Goodman, Emilie Lee and Jill Matthews.
Steven P. Goodman
Steven P. Goodman has been an artist for over 30 years. Originally a painter, Goodman shifted his medium to digital imagery, using his experiences and current events as inspiration for his often abstract and open ended work. However, he recently felt the pull of painting once again and began honing his skills by working from life. Goodman now works in both mediums, his knowledge of each informing the other.
Regardless of the medium, Goodman stays true to his goals as an artist. “I saw my role as a visual artist as that of a poet but instead of using words, I composed with images, combining them in unique ways to create a personal statement,” he said of his digital imagery.
This poetry is also evident in his landscape paintings. His pieces convey the sense of a place and the experience of the artist, while staying open to the personal interpretation of the viewer. These loose and vibrant pieces invite the viewer in and evoke a certain calmness in their ambiguity.
Emilie Lee
Emilie Lee is a classically trained oil painter and nature enthusiast. An accomplished artist, Lee got her degree in illustration and worked as a freelance writer and illustrator before continuing her studies under an artist in New York. Lee was also the principle artist and instructor at the Grand Central Atelier and is a senior fellow at the Hudson River Fellowship. Her skills are evident in her stunning, realistic landscapes.
Lee has taken her thorough training and merged it with an active lifestyle; her work is most influenced by her time spent outdoors climbing and adventuring. The artist makes sketches and plein-air paintings while looking at her subject matter to later inform her larger landscape pieces.
“I do not use photographs at any point in my process, intentionally limiting myself to memory and the information I can capture from life,” she said. “My goal is not to create a painting that captures every physical detail, but rather to communicate the emotional experiences I have in nature.”
Her beautifully detailed and soft landscapes convey this experience and transport the viewer.
Jill Matthews
Originally from Vermont, Jill Matthews studied fine art and art education at the University of Vermont before continuing to study painting in southern California. Matthews spent time on the west coast as an instructor of fine art before moving back east. Now situated in Maine, the artist rediscovered her passion for painting and began her a career as a professional artist.
Matthews creates small, colorful floral still lifes that are lighthearted and full of beauty.  She has always been an artist; however, only with time spent focusing on painting has she discovered her artistic voice.
“I spent a long time focusing on replicating things that I saw rather truly seeing them through an artistic eye,” she explained. “My work now is based on an initial idea or vision, I still will use some references in the process, but my most successful moments in painting happen when I lose that security and the work is coming from within. Adding, editing, allowing color interaction to happen, letting the painting take it’s own direction… That is when I truly emerge as an artist.”
For more information about these artists and the September exhibit, call Edgewater Gallery at the Falls at (802)458-0098, email [email protected], or visit edgewatergallery-vt.com.
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