Addison County Fair & Field Days results

NEW HAVEN — The following are the results in the 4-H Dairy Showmanship and Fitting competition on Aug. 8.
Junior Division, 12 years old: 1. E. Rose Jones, Whiting Cloverleaves;
Junior Division, 11 years old: 1. Elizabeth Crawford – B. 2. Morgan White – R. 3. Andrew Lester – R.
Junior Division, 10 years old: 1. Casey Calzini – B. 2. Taylor Marchand – B. 3. Jordan Bertrand – R. 4. Evan Rakowski – R. 5. Brailey Livingston – R. 6. Mason Livingston – W. 7. Emma Oliver – W. 8. Dylan Mason – W.
Junior Division, 9 years old: 1. Madeline Cairns – B. 2. Lia Calzini – R. Ruby Hubbell – W.
Novice Class B, 9 to 12 years old: 1. Sophie Pidgeon – B. 2. Emma Deering – B. 3. Natalie Atkins – R. 4. Lucas Allen – R. 5. Reigin Gracie – W. 6. Hailee Allen – W.
Novice Class A, 8 years old: 1. Samuel Luis – B. 2. Calvin Almeida – R. 3. Joseph Mason – R.
Intermediate Division, 12 years old: 1. Colin Foster – B. 2. Sara Hill – B. 3. Michael Plouffe – R. 4. Ashton Thomas – R.
Intermediate Division, 13 years old: 1. Riley Marchand – B. 2. Lena Ashooh – B. 3. Karissa Livingston – R. 4. Courtney Curler – R. 5. Abby Reen – R. 5. Isabelle Gilley – R. 7. Bailey Farrell – W. 8. Ben Boutin – W. 9. Ethan Bessette – W.
Intermediate Division, 14 years old: 1. Ellie Bissell – B. 2. Alexis Farr – B. 3. Addison Hubbell – R. 4. Rylee-Mae Mason – W. 5. Rosa Kehoe – W.
Senior Division, 15 years old: 1. Aislynn Farr – B. 2. Brianna Vanderwey – B. 3. Jonathan Flores-Torres – R. Averi Salley – R.
Senior Division, 16 years old: 1. Renee Bolduc – B. 2. Matthew Ouellette – R. 3. Abigail Armstrong – R.
Senior Division, 17 years old and older: 1. Tasha Hescock – B. 2. Bethany Orvis – B. 3. Kelsey Cram – R. 4. Dakotah Heuckeroth R.
Milk and Honey Genetics Award, Junior Showmanship and Fitting: Champion – Elizabeth Crawford. Reserve Champion – Taylor Marchand.
Dan Huestis Memorial Award, Novice Showmanship Class B: Sophie Pidgeon.
Eric Pope Award, Novice Showmanship Class A: Samuel Luis.
Uncle George Highter Award, Senior Showmanship: Champion – Renee Bolduc. Reserve Champion – Tasha Hescock.
Tristan Quinn Memorial Award, Master Showman/Showmanship: 1. Ellie Bissell. 2. Alexis Farr.
Best Entry in Art
Any Age: Faie Shepard Superintendent’s Award: $50 — Mary Howard, watercolor, “Bessie the Cow.”
Best Oil/Acrylic
Adult: Main Street Stationary, $25 gift certificate — Preston Turner, acrylic, “Op Art.”
Youth 4-12: art Supplies, pastels or art kit — Rhylee Macedo, acrylic, “On the Road.”
Youth 13-18: art supplies, watercolor pencils — Timothy Curran, “Scenery.”
Best Black and White Rendering
Adult: Otter Creek Frame Shop $25 gift certificate — Mike Fidalgo, “Two Children at Button Bay.”
Youth 4-12: art Supplies, pastels — Katherine Moran, “Owl and Moon.”
Youth 13-18: art supplies, watercolor pencils — Sofia Stefani, “Charcoal Portrait.”
Best Water Color/Pastel/Colored Pencil
Adult: Middlebury Frame Shop and Gallery, formally Ben Franklin Frame Shop, $25 gift certificate — Ellyn Mack, Pastel, “Red Barn on Town Line Road.”
Youth 4-12: art Supplies, pastels — Lake Segel, Pencil, “Warbler.”
Youth13-18: art supplies, pastels — Rebekah Chamberlain, “Wonton, Watercolor.”
Best Entry in Folk Art
Adult: Vermont Folklife Center, $25 gift certificate — Barb Spaulding, “Explore.”
Youth 6-18: Laurel Lynn “Tigger” Folk Art Award $25 — Lillian Curran, “Painted Guitar.”
Best Photograph
Adult: Nancy Snow Kurrelmeyer Photography Award, $50 — Andrea Way, “Morning Dew on Plant.”
Youth 6-12: Abi Sessions Photography Award, $25 — Lake Segel, “Female Cardinal in February.”
Youth 13-18: Anonymous Donor, $25 — James Baroz, “Solace and Solitude Still: 911 Memorial.”
Photo Challenge, Black and White Silhoutte
Any Age: Kinney Drug, Middlebury, $25 Gift Certificate — Justin Tierney, “Wells, Maine Beach.”
People’s Choice Art
Award of $25 — Mary Howard, “Bessie the Cow.”
People’s Choice Photography
Award of $25 — Jean Cross, “Farm Barn in the Fog.”
Most Outstanding Exhibit by a Youth — $30 award sponsored by the Law Firm of Fred Peet
Winner: Daniel Moore
Most Outstanding Exhibitor — $30 gift certificate sponsored by Middlebury Agway
Winner: Sophia Miller
Most Unique Design by an Adult — $30 award sponsored by Cole’s Flowers
Winner: Sophia Miller
Most Outstanding Plant Entry — $30 award sponsored by Shallow Rock Farm
Winner: Janice Jackson
Best Entry by a Youth age 4-8 yrs. old — $25 award sponsored by Field Days
Winner: Gabriel Foster
Maple Meadows Farm Award — $25 for The Best Cake with preference being given to a sponge, angel or chiffon cake.
Winner: Michael McGuire for his Orange Chiffon Cake
Otter Creek Bakery Award — $30 Gift Certificate for The Best Decorated Cake.
Winner: Raven Payne for the Chocolate Frosted Decorated Cake
**NEW** Kiss the Cook Award — $25 Gift Certificate for a Superintendent’s Award
Winner: Meredith Foster for her Blueberry Pastry.
Happy Valley Orchard Award — $30 prize to The Best Apple Pie or Apple Tart in Apple Baked Goods.
Winner: Debra Stone for her Apple Tart.
Happy Valley Orchard Award — $30 to any other item in Apple Baked Goods.
Winner: Nathan Moore for his Apple Muffins.
Monument Farms Dairy Award — $25 for A Superintendent’s Award
Winner: Chelsey Giuliani for her Cinnamon Rolls.
**NEW** Champlain Valley Apiaries Honey Award — A 3lb Jar of Raw Honey to the best entry in Honey Baked Goods.
Winner: Mary Grace Moore for her Honey Thumbprint Cookies.
**NEW** Carol Morrison Foods Award — sponsored by the Ferrisburgh Bake Shop: $25 gift certificate is awarded to the best entry in Cookies.
Winner: January Stearns for her Molded Snickerdoodles. She also received second place in this category.
**NEW** Grace Weber Youth Award sponsored by Rosie’s Restaurant — $25 gift certificate to the best Youth Entry in Cupcakes.
Winner: Paige Hescock for her Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes.
**NEW** Cafe Provence Award — $25 Gift Certificate is awarded to the Best Muffin, Biscuit or Scone.
Winner: Sue Bird for her Coconut Lime Greek Yogurt Scones.
**NEW** The Middlebury Bagel Award — $25 Gift Certificate for A Superintendent’s Award
Winner: Perry Lessing for his Long Loaf.
1st place in Adult category — $75 gift certificate to the Baker’s Catalogue/kingarthurflour.com
Winner: Michaela Whitman for her New York Style Cheesecake.
2nd place in the Adult category — $50 gift certificate to the Baker’s Catalogue/kingarthurflour.com.
Winner: Debbie Whitman for her Chocolate Cheesecake.
3rd place in the Adult category — 8”x8” baking pan and a King Arthur flour logo tote bag,
Winner: Doug Tolles for his Currant Cheesecake.
**NEW** Whirlie’s World’s King Arthur Flour’s Youth Contest Awards for ages 7 through 17.
1st Place — 6 Bounce House Passes.
Winner: Corinna Hobbs for her Belgian Spice Cookies.
2nd Place — 4 Bounce House Passes.
Winner: Grace Tolles for her Speculaas.
Otter Creek Bakery — $30 Gift Certificate  is awarded to The Most Outstanding Exhibitor in Canning.
Winner: Margaret Surprenant.
Grand Prize — $30 to The Most Outstanding Yeast Entry, sponsored by Field Days.
Winner: Debra Stone for her Rosette Rolls.
Grand Prize — $30 to The Most Outstanding Pastry Entry (any baked goods from Pastry), sponsored by Field Days.
Winner: Michael McGuire for his Orange Chiffon Cake.
Outstanding Youth Gardener — $30 award sponsored by Peg Allen.
Winner: Hailee Allen
Premier Gardener — $30 gift certificate sponsored by Middlebury Agway.
Winner: Hannah Sessions
Commercial Gardeners
1st Place — $100 sponsored by Field Days.
Winner: Lalumiere Farm.
2nd Place — $80 sponsored by Field Days.
Winner: Red Sky Farm
Ervin Henecke Award from Twist O’Wool Guild — $25 to the Most Outstanding Natural Fiber entry in Knitting & Crocheting.
Winner: Ardys Fisher
Patricia Henecke Award from Twist O’Wool Guild — $25 for Most Outstanding entry of Socks
Winner: Helen Freismuth.
Deb Kinder McClay Award — $20 for an outstanding crocheted or knit baby item demonstrating creative use of color and design.
Winner: Marlene Duell
Yarn & Yoga — $25 gift certificate to Top Youth winner, 18 year & under, in Knitting & Crocheting.
Winner: Corinna Hobbs
Twist O’Wool Guild — Award $25  for the Most Outstanding Item made from Hand Spun Yarn.
Winner: Ardys Fisher.
Eleanor Boucher Memorial Award from Twist O’Wool Guild — $25 for most outstanding woven article (includes baskets).
Winner: Candace Polzella
Middlebury Sew ‘N’ Vac — $50 Gift Certificate for Best Sewn Garment.
Winner: Wendy Butler
Middlebury Sew ‘N’ Vac — $25 gift certificate for the most outstanding garment sewn by a youth.
Winner: Hannah Moore
Loewer & Associates — $50 for Most Outstanding Quilt.
Winner: Mary Howard
Loewer & Associates — $50 for Most Outstanding Quilt. Quilted by a Professional on a Commercial Machine.
Winner: Susan James
Loewer & Associates — $50 for Most Outstanding other Quilted Item. (pillow, bag, wall hanging, etc.).
Winner: Phyllis Bowdish
Quilters’ Corner at Middlebury Sew N’ Vac — $25 gift certificate for most outstanding quilt by a youth.
Winner: Veronica Redondo
Rae Dwight Award — $50 for a Most Outstanding entry in Embroidery & Needlepoint.
Winner: Judy Baker
Rae Dwight Award — $25 for an Outstanding entry in Embroidery & Needlepoint.
Winner: Debbie Kirby
Quilters ‘Corner at Middlebury Sew ‘N’ Vac youth award — $25 for and outstanding entry in embroidery and needlepoint by a youth 18 or under.
Winner: Juna Segal
Bethany Barry Award — $75 to Outstandingly Creative Beadwork (displaying color, technique & design in beadwork)
Winner: Corinne Kehoe.
Bethany Barry Award — $75 Outstandingly Creative Wire and Bead.
Winner: Debbie Foster.
The Oxford Rug Hooking School Award — $50 to the Most Outstanding entry in Hooking and Braiding.
Winner: Julie Burroughs.
Brown Novelty Company — Three $50 for Outstanding entries in Woodworking & Woodcarving, (three individuals, preferably one exhibited by a youth).
Winners: Michael Newkirk, Edward Malzac, Jonathan Moore (youth).
Golden Years Award — $25 for Outstanding Handicraft entered by an exhibitor over 80 years old (Marked over 80 on entry form).
Winner: Edward Malzac.
Jerry & Cheryl Connor Award — $50 for The Most Outstanding Youth entry in Handicrafts by a Youth (18 years & under).
Winner: Veronica Redondo.
Grand Prize — $100 for The Most Outstanding Entry in the Handicrafts Department.
Winner: Judy Baker.
Wanda Goodyear Memorial Award
1st — $100.
Winner: Sue Bird.
2nd— $50 Gift Certificate from Middlebury Natural Foods Co-op.
Winner: Chris McCarron.
3rd — $50 from Loewer & Associates.
Winner: Fred Peet.
4th — Pampered Chef Baking Dish from January Stearns, Realtor Four Seasons Sotheby’s International Realty.
Winner: Shirley Pominville
5th — Bean Pot from Paris Farmers Union.
Winner: Grace Tolles
Sponsored by Loewer & Associates — to a youth between the ages of 13 and 18 with two top scores in at least two Home and Garden departments.
Winner: Grace Tolles
Sponsored by Loewer & Associates — to the exhibitor with the total of the two top scores in Handicrafts and Foods.
Winner: Mary Howard.

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