Letter to the editor: New path to legal status of farm workers needed

A recent issue of the Addison County Independent, Thursday, June 29, 2017, presented an article titled “Proposed law seeks path for legal status for farmworkers.” The article describes the initiative to establish a legal pathway for undocumented farmworkers to obtain some kind of legal status for working on farms in the state of Vermont, and the U.S.A. 
What I don’t understand is that all the rhetoric about legalizing undocumented farm workers, and workers in other industries, focuses on the government doing all the legwork upon establishing legalization. I never hear what the farmer and/or businessman will do to contribute to a process. How about their offering something that could help develop and speed up the process by providing some kind of incentive? That is, if the farmer and/or business manager really wants and/or needs undocumented workers working for him.
A process could work like this: if the farmer from Green Hills Farm (name fictitious) runs 350 dairy cows and needs two hired hands to cost-effectively and profitably run the farm, and if two workers are available, the farmer could help process documents that could legalize the workers to be employed on his farm. 
The farmer also could supply the initial financial requirements to obtain legal status for the workers to work on his farm. The financial outlay could then be a tax deduction for the farmer. These workers then would have complete legal status to work on the Green Hills Farm only. If they were to seek employment elsewhere, then the workers would need to redo the process with the management of another farm or business.
With this process much of the responsibility would be placed with the farmer and/or businessman that want and/or need undocumented workers. It would give the farmer equity in the acquisition and processing of undocumented people and make him a major player in the overall process. It would also reduce the government’s involvement in processing the documentation and approvals for the worker.
John Mitchell
Fort Myers, Fla.
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