Sodbusters Father’s Day horseshoe tourney draws 70

BRISTOL — The Sodbusters Horseshoe Pitching Club hosted 70 pitchers in the Sodbusters Father’s Day Open Tournament at the club’s home courts in Bristol this past Sunday.
Brian Simmons, a former national champion, was winner in Class A with six wins against one loss; he hit ringers 69.06 percent of the time.
One member of the local club won his division: Alan Curler won Class H with a 6-1 record. Sodbuster Michael Brown went 5-2 to earn second place in Class D.
Tournament participants came from around Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. Other Sodbusters who placed in the tournament, with their win-loss record and ringer percentage, were: 
Class B: 3. Michael Devino, 3-3, 36.67.
Class C: 4. Connie Selleck, 4-3, 27.17; 5. Ron Williamson, 4-3, 26.15; 6. Mistylee Baird, 2-5, 24.10; and 8. Dawn Coleman, 1-6, 23.24.
Class D: 2. Michael Brown, 5-2, 33.21.
Class E: 6. Matt Coleman, 2-4, 18.75.
Class F: 3. Donna Lewis, 4-2, 20.61.
Class G: 3. Maurice Cyr, 4-2, 16.25; 4. Lou Cousino, 3-3, 19.58.
Class H: 1. Alan Curler, 6-1, 15.45; 5. Jackie Gorton, 1-4, 9.00.
Class I: 2. Myron Selleck, 5-1, 9.58; 3. Thomas Brooks Jr., 3-3, 9.05; and 6. Beverly Forgues, 2-4, 5.04.
Class J: 4. Adam Cousino, 2-3, 3.50; 5. Hunter Gorton, 1-4, 3.00; and 6. Steven Brown, 0-5, 2.00.
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