Letter to the Editor: New administration failing on domestic, foreign fronts

As an elderly prior Benton, N.H., now Brandon, Vt,. resident, and a voter with many elections under my belt, I see these past political years with Donald Trump as shameful.
With his ADHD-generated massive anger, his compulsive lying and his total disregard for the poor, infirm, and the naïve, we are right now in danger of entering a war. This is particularly due to his use of juvenile tweeting rather than employing diplomacy (a new word for him).
Donald is an adult with the ego and maturity of an early juvenile. Though he recently lost support for the demolition of the Affordable Care Act, were he to continue in this destructive direction, our losses under him would include 22 million people losing health care, and Meals on Wheels would be gone. Also gone might be the after school programs, school lunches for needy kids, home health services, stipends for heat and electricity costs, Social Security, NPR, and funding for the arts.
I can foresee massive poverty, hunger, and homelessness similar to the years of the Great Depression, with no regard for the less fortunate. In addition, it appears we are tiptoeing into a military confrontation in order to boost Trump’s testosterone level, and that confrontation will likely be on our soil.
We are all immigrants unless we are Native Americans. How can we be so hate-mongering as to break up good families by deporting parents and having the children kept here to live with relatives or placed in foster care? In perpetuating hate of aliens, i.e. Muslims, Africans, Mexicans, Jews, and on and on, who the hell do we think we are? Certainly not good and Godly Americans.
And, let us not forget Trump’s total disregard for the dignity of women, and the problem of their sexual safety in his presence. Also, for the uninformed, Planned Parenthood’s abortion services are only a small part of their programs. They provide physicals, breast cancer screenings, pap smears, blood tests, pregnancy tests, counseling and support for the health of their clients, both adults and babies. They also perform sexually transmitted disease exams and counsel clients on birth control, smoking cessation, healthy diets, and more.
I’m also a low-income disabled woman who will be impacted by Trump’s financial greed on behalf of the rich, and his total disregard for the lesser people. I won’t be homeless by the grace of my mother, but if I lose my Home Health services, my personal health and independence will suffer (along with millions of other Americans).
From the honest Obamas, a socially and cause-based family, and from President Obama utilizing diplomacy with foreign countries, we have transitioned to Trump and his aggressive and hostile treatment of people and countries.
Supported by the NRA as “going back to our roots,” he’s lifting the ban on lead shotgun pellets and fishing sinkers. Through the past use of lead sinkers and shotgun pellets, we almost depleted our eagle population years ago, and the public was warned to limit the eating of fresh fish to every two to four weeks.
Please bear in mind that the House, Senate and Trump appointees are also playing a big role in these travesties of the law and apparent unconcern for the middle class, and they are not looking back. That’s called saving one’s rear. As Americans, let’s take back the humanizing of our social systems.
Lyn R. Bandy

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