Letter to the Editor: Giving back to others is part of the American tradition

As the years go by, I find myself more and more worried about our country and the direction it seems to be going. Some of our countrymen seem to be forgetting our heritage and what this country stands for in the world. We hear some politicians are going to make America Great Again! In my opinion it was never not great. Why is half the world trying to come here?
It is my opinion that America is The Promised Land. There is no other country in the world known more for its freedoms, opportunities and blessings! When we watch the terrible news every evening that is full of nothing but war, hunger — suffering of these so-called tyrants that are to blame for it all — one wonders how will mankind ever be able to survive the future.
But back to my worries about America and our future. Our new President is surrounding himself with so-called billionaires and millionaires. I don’t really know any of them, but wonder “what about those in our country who have a hard time getting groceries on the table or having a hard time paying their taxes?”
Do these billionaires have any idea what life is all about at ground level — looking out over the cities and countryside from their tower homes? Do they have any idea that there is more to life than what the stock market is doing? It would seem that inside trading might be where all their millions are coming from. Who knows?
I must admit I am not against wealth. If one has struggled, worked hard and honestly, to be where they are, then that’s the American way. It’s how this wealth is or is not used that bothers me a bit.
One does not need a billion dollars to survive the rest of one’s life. Maybe a couple of million set aside to keep the home fires going would do it in most cases. But — what about all those other millions? There is so much need out there!
If one has the resources, why not give a little help to those struggling to make ends meet. Maybe a little better car, maybe a house, taxes paid for a few years. An overdue hospital bill paid off would mean the world to so many. Maybe, a million or two to pay off a hospital that just expanded or rebuilt.
A new fire truck for a small town or you pay off a town’s indebtedness, relieving town folk of their ever higher taxes? It’s not giving cash to people, it’s giving help to people, helping with things that would help them or their community. So much could be done to help, if a few million could be spared!
The satisfaction of such endeavors would be unbelievable! The payback would be the satisfaction of helping strangers with your bounty, which is what America is all about and still your ability to live as you always have as you help others.
In the end if one still has resources coming in, that’s great. Getting ahead is also the American way. All this said, sharing can be and is a great satisfaction. And, all of us, no matter what our financial situation, can in some small way help our neighbors and community and America. The promised land.
Edwin James

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