Letter to the editor: New president’s start discouraging

Hey, how’s that new commander-in-chief in D.C. working out for us so far? Well, for me, about everyone I know, and the massive outpouring of people that turned out to protest last Saturday in Montpelier, across the U.S. and worldwide, that far outnumbered those who came out to see Trump on Inauguration day, not too well at all.
Are there still people out there that had hoped he would try, once he actually became president, to reach out to everyone and start acting sane? Are they convinced now that it’s never going to happen? If not, then I pity you.
You are in for a big surprise when you find out that your healthcare will increase or be eliminated, your liberties will be infringed, our climate will keep on getting worse, our infrastructure won’t get fixed, most of what you buy will cost more, and we might even get into a war because when countries try to isolate themselves it leads to distrust and chaos.
This is like a bad dream, and I mean that for everyone too who were conned into voting for him. Actually, I’m not too surprised that most Repugnantans have prostituted themselves to become his boot-licking lackeys. Few among them have the guts to speak out publicly of stand up to the lies that he and his cohorts have been spreading about voting, polls, climate change, women, health care, trade, immigration, etc.
That includes a lot of our representatives from that party right here in Vermont from the new governor on down to the local level. I have never heard any of them speaking out publicly about how dangerous this guy was. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Let’s give them all the boot in two years!
Trump suffers from many psychological problems that sociopaths share, including a feeling of grandeur, lack of empathy for others and an oversized ego. He really is like a dog with distemper. The only humane solution is to put him down and take us out of our misery.
Bruce Acciavatti

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