Letter to the editor: Water outage was no one’s fault

Dear Editor, I would like to address the recent articles regarding the Tri Town Water Outage. In your article you seemed to place some blame on the Shoreham Fire Department for “draining” the reserve tank. That particular tank holds approximately 750,000 gallons of water. The Shoreham Fire Department took out 9,000 gallons to help fight the Fire in Orwell. Do the math. What happened was a crazy sequence of events that caused a perfect storm for Tri Town Water. There is nothing anyone did wrong.
Julie Ortuno
Shoreham Town Clerk
Editor’s note: The article in last week’s Addison Independent did not intend to leave the impression that anyone was at fault; it simply recounted the incredible series of coincidences that led to the problems that resulted in the boil water order for Tri Town Water customers.

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