Letter to the editor: Foxcraft to end harvest program

To our Friends in our community,
We are writing this letter because we are so very thankful for your support of our program and it is with a heavy heart that we need to share some news. After 17 years of providing services to our local children and youth, Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program Inc. has made a decision to discontinue the current services and dissolve the nonprofit by the end of June 2017. It has not been an easy decision, or one that has been influenced by a lack of support or funding. It is more of a personal decision, supported by the board.
The 17 years have been extremely busy, yet fulfilling. I have been truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing kids: to help them to grow and to grow from them. I have seen this community grow to value our program and our students, seeking help to support a range of needs and making a point to attend our Open House events.
I am so very grateful for the remarkable support of so many, local and not so local, and all wanting to help our community’s kids. I want to especially recognize the Harvest Board of Directors, past and present, and their dedication to our students’ needs and success. I am thankful for our committed volunteers — JoAnn, Carolyn and Pat — who have selflessly given their time, patience and energy over the last several years.
It is my hope that Harvest has helped to provide a special block in the foundation of each of its participants: molded with confidence, compassion, work ethic and personal responsibility. I am also hopeful that our little Harvest Program has provided a unique perspective of  ways that a community can support its youth, and how they in turn can support their community, through available and natural resources. On behalf of the board and myself, we are hopeful that Harvest has helped to make our community a place where kids and kindness grow together.
To our friends and supporters, we say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
Anne Young, executive director
Foxcroft Farm Harvest Program

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