Letter to the editor: Trump following in W’s footsteps

We are hearing Trumped up charges that the U.S. intelligence services got Iraq wrong so we shouldn’t believe them now. Now the Main Trumper is saying he knows better than our intelligence people. Same mistake.
Bush was confident that his story, that his friends made up, was the truth, so he invaded Iraq. Now the Trump is doing the same thing, ignoring the truth and selling another bag of Trumped up “alternate truth,” which really should be called what they are — lies.
But the big Trump has left a trail of lies along his path to the President. How long must we put up with this clown? Why are we giving G. W. Bush such silence. So far, Bush has been our worst president, and Trump is trying hard to take that dishonor from Bush.
O Tempora, O Mores. — Cicero
Peter Grant

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