Realtors’ association donates $6,500 towards low-cost housing in Waltham

WALTHAM — The Addison County Board of Realtors, known as ACBOR, has joined the efforts of Cathedral Square Corporation and the Addison County Community Trust (ACCT) to assist with a contribution for the new McKnight Lane Housing development in Waltham.
The Realtors donated a total of $6,500 to help pay for the new sidewalk connecting the housing development to the city of Vergennes. Cathedral Square and ACCT worked tirelessly on re-developing an inoperable mobile home park in Waltham into an affordable high performance home rental community. The Gevry Mobile Home Park had 13 uninhabitable mobiles homes and was unoccupied for over five years. Last summer the development and housing groups brought the space back to life as McKnight Lane by building 14 new affordable rentals for housing people with modest means.
The National Association of Realtors agreed the project would benefit significantly if there was a sidewalk bringing connectivity and safety to pedestrians of Waltham and the community of Vergennes; $5,000 was awarded to ACBOR on behalf of the sidewalk project.
The sidewalk will be maintained graciously by the City of Vergennes. ACCT will operate the development as permanently affordable housing, along with 600 other permanently affordable units under ACCT management across Addison County. To further this mission, the Realtors additionally donated $1,500 to ACCT as a matching grant during a recent fundraising drive on Giving Tuesday, which helped ACCT raise over $4,000 for affordable housing in Addison County.

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