Middlebury Police Log: Mystery package turns out not to be dangerous

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police responded to a report of a mysterious package found at Middlebury College’s Bicentennial Hall on Dec. 12. Police said the package contained “miscellaneous, non-harmful items.”
In other recent action, Middlebury police:
•  Helped Middlebury Regional EMS with a call in the Lower Foote Street area on Dec. 5.
•  Contacted the parent of a child allegedly left in a vehicle in the Hannaford’s Supermarket parking lot on Dec. 5.
•  Responded to a report on Dec. 5 of two Middlebury Union High School students found smoking marijuana off school grounds. Police said they issued one of the youths a juvenile citation for possession of marijuana, and the other a notice of violation.
•  Broke up a verbal dispute between two siblings in a vehicle parked off Washington Street on Dec. 5. Police said they cited the driver for driving with a suspended license.
•  Warned the tenant of a North Pleasant Street apartment to stop banging on his ceiling and walls on Dec. 6.
•  Responded to a local request for help in destroying unwanted medications on Dec. 6.
•  Cited Timothy E. Edwards, 27, of Middlebury for petit larceny, after he was allegedly discovered stealing cash out of a car parked off MacIntyre Lane on Dec. 7.
•  Responded to a suspected domestic dispute at a Court Street residence on Dec. 8. Police arriving at the scene found a woman yelling at herself.
•  Investigated a report of a drunken man stumbling along North Pleasant Street on Dec. 8. Police said they found no one fitting that description.
•  Assisted Porter Hospital officials with a mental health patient who was out of control on Dec. 8.
•  Received a report about an irate customer at the Verizon store on Dec. 8. Police said they plan to serve a no-trespass order on the customer.
•  Investigated a stalking complaint in the Main Street area on Dec. 8. Police found the alleged stalker, who denied the behavior.
•  Responded to a report of a man refusing to leave the Marquis Theater on Main Street on Dec. 9. Police said the man had left upon their arrival.
•  Were informed someone had vandalized a truck while it was parked in the Fire & Ice Restaurant parking lot off Seymour Street on Dec. 9. Police said someone had damaged a side mirror and a headlight on the truck.
•  Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS with a suicidal person in the Route 7 North area on Dec. 9. Ambulance officials took the man to Porter Hospital for mental health evaluation.
•  Investigated a one-car accident, with injuries, on Route 7 South, near the Blue Spruce Motel, on Dec. 9. Middlebury Regional EMS took the driver to Porter Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries, according to police.
•  Served a temporary restraining order on Dec. 9 on a man not wanted in the Seminary Street area.
•  Took a very drunken man into protective custody while he was walking in the Cross Street area on Dec. 9.
•  Assisted a Court Street parent having trouble with a misbehaving child on Dec. 10. Police said the teen went to a friend’s house to decompress.
•  Served a no-trespass order on a North Pleasant Street individual on behalf of Bristol police on Dec. 11.
•  Ordered a man to stop harassing a local woman on Dec. 11.
•  Cited Juan Pablo Borja Melendez, 27, Boston, Mass., for driving under the influence following a stop for speeding at the intersection of Court Street Extension and Middle Road. Police said Melendez refused a breath test.
•  Shut down a noisy Middlebury College student party at a South Main Street location on Dec. 11.
•  Investigated a reported theft in the Twin Circles neighborhood on Dec. 12.
•  Received a report on Dec. 12 of a Middlebury College student confiding in another student that he was considering harming himself. Authorities determined that the student had made the statement in order to get attention.

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