Deer hunters set new mark, kill over 1,000 in 2016 season

ADDISON COUNTY — Addison County weigh stations handled more deer in 2016 than in any year since 2005, when Vermont Fish & Wildlife officials banned hunters from shooting spikehorn bucks in November’s rifle season, the most popular of the state’s deer hunting seasons.
In all — counting deer taken during the October archery season (206), Youth Hunting Weekend on Nov. 5 and 6 (94), rifle season (a record 573 since the 2005 rules change), and December’s combined archery and muzzleloader season (191) — hunters brought 1,064 deer to the county’s nine reporting stations.
The Vermont bow and arrow deer hunting seasons in 2016 were Oct. 1-28 and Dec. 3-11; muzzleloader deer hunting season was Dec. 3-11.
The 1,064 deer hunting total for all of 2016 broke the post-2005 record of 1,021 set in 2010, and dramatically betters the next most productive year, 2009, when the county total stood at 840.
The county scan for the previous seven years stands at:
•  In 2015, 772 deer (444 rifle, 78 youth, 206 bow, 44 muzzleloader). The rifle total was at that point the best since 2005, but the muzzleloader total was depressed because wildlife officials imposed a ban on shooting does in Addison County during that season due to the harsh previous winter.
•  In 2014, 724 deer (359 rifle, 107 youth, 152 bow, 106 muzzleloader).
•  In 2013, 807 deer (421 rifle, 109 youth, 132 bow, 145 muzzleloader).
•  In 2012, 875 deer (405 rifle, 124 youth, and 346 bow/muzzleloader).
•  In 2011, 671 (329 rifle, 110 youth, 232 bow/muzzleloader).
•  In 2010, 1,021 (428 rifle, 95 youth weekend, 498 bow/muzzleloader). This year’s combined bow/muzzleloader total of 397 was the best since 2009 and 2010.
•  In 2009, 840 (301 rifle, 91 youth, 448 bow/muzzleloader).
The single biggest factor in 2016’s record kill total was probably a bigger herd after a gentle winter. According to wildlife officials’ estimates, the state’s deer population stood at 145,000 heading into the fall, more than in recent years.
The department estimate a year ago after harsh winters in 2013 and 2014 stood at 120,000, but this past winter allowed a higher survival rate and better food sources, according to both a Fish & Wildlife press release and local experts.
Mild weather encouraged many hunters in rifle season, during which bucks were also in rut (showing interest in breeding) for almost the entire season, according to local experts.
Even after the record rifle season, hunters in the December bow and muzzleloader seasons were still seeing deer, according to Greg Boglioli, manager of Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury, adding that snow in early December also helped many hunters find and stalk their kills.
“Guys that were hunting the mountains were seeing deer because they had tracks because of the snow,” Boglioli said.
Weigh station operators reported evidence of a healthy heard, and weights were generally slightly higher. According to Independent calculations, the average weight of a buck killed in this past rifle season came in at just under 146 pounds, about two pounds heavier than the 2015 average. That weight is at the high end compared to averages in recent years and is matched only by 2012, when the average also stood at 146 pounds before two harsh winters.
During rifle season, a dozen bucks tipped the scales at 200 pounds or more. Only one deer taken in October or December topped 200 pounds, a 222-pound, four-pointer that Ron Parent brought down with an arrow in October in Orwell and had weighed at Buxton’s Store in that town.
Two other bucks came close at 196 pounds and eight points apiece — one that Dylan Lanpher took during archery season in Shoreham and had weighed at Buxton’s, and one that Dana Smith shotin Huntington in December and took to Starksboro’s Jerusalem Corners Country Store.
Two bucks shot in the November rifle season had 10- or 11-point antler racks, and two more double-digit racks were added to that total in December: Paul Maynard shot a 167-pound, 10-point trophy specimen in Orwell and took it to Buxton’s, and Brendan Moore took a 150-pound, 10-pointer to Lincoln General Store after shoot it in Starksboro.
The honor of bringing down the single largest deer weighed in the county this year belongs to Paul Gaboriault: He shot a 235-pound, eight-point buck in Bridport and put it on the scales at Buxton’s Store.
This year’s successful bow and muzzleloader hunters and their deer were (listed by town of kill, weight if does or fawns, and by pounds and points if bucks):
October Bow
Michael Hemond, Lincoln, 78 female; Aaron Thomas, Lincoln, 137-4; Andy Jimmo, Lincoln, 100 doe; Chase Atkins, Lincoln, 140-6 buck; Peter Brown, Lincoln, 138-8; Dave Cavoretto, Lincoln, 125 doe; Jeff Mayo, Lincoln, 108 doe; Scott Bell, Charlotte, 80 female; Gary Briggs, Lincoln, 130 doe; Roger Reginaud, New Haven, 158-7; and Sara Acker, Lincoln, male fawn.
Also, Patrick Hendy, Starksboro, 108 doe; and Jody Brown, Bristol, 110 doe; Robert Jimmo, Lincoln, 137 doe; David Brown, Lincoln, 100 doe; Dusty Grace, Middlebury, 80 doe; Andrew Cousino, Lincoln, 112 doe; Mark Cousino, Lincoln, 65 male; Stanley Sargent, Lincoln, 135 doe; and Matt Brown, Lincoln, 153-8.
Mark Cousino, Lincoln, 145 doe; Matt Brown, Lincoln, 125-5; Thomas Murphy, Ripton, 135-5; Brendan Moore, Starksboro, 150-10; Tyler Desautels, Lincoln, 115 doe; Cody Corse, Bristol, 109 doe; and Brian Baillargeon, Lincoln, 157-9.
October Bow
Russell Bishop, Shoreham, 161-6 buck; Wayne Stearns Jr., Ferrisburgh, 150-4 buck; James Towle, Panton, 110 doe; Eric Campbell, Ferrisburgh, 108 doe; James Anderson, Addison, 125-4 buck; Jamison Bannister, Addison, 68 female; Ira White, Ferrisburgh, 80 male; Michael Holler, Addison, 95 doe; Ryan Paquin, Addison, 110 doe; Gary Grant Jr., Bridport, 130 doe; Brent Perkins, New Haven, 170-3; Adam Paquette, Addison, 120-4 buck; Christien Paquin, Panton, 88 male; James Towle, Addison, 80 male.
Logan Lecompte, Panton, 75 doe; Kyle Charron, Ferrisburgh, 98 doe; Richard Thurber, Panton, 90 male; Mitchell Gallison, Addison, 100 doe; Horace Richards, West Haven, 100 doe; Richard Shimel, Bridport, 145-4; Willem Ringer, Swanton, 105 doe; Steve Fillion, West Haven, 80 male.
October Bow
Shane McGrath, Middlebury, 173-8; Sean Beloin, Monkton, 132 doe and 66 female; Donald Pepe, Whiting, 102 doe and 100 doe; Wilbert Clark, Lincoln, 122 doe and 111 doe; Thaddeus Sorrell, Charlotte, 126 doe; Raymond Germain, Middlebury, 117 doe; Jack Bodington, Monkton, 108 doe; and Conrad Marsano, Monkton, 58 female.
Also, William Geehan, Lincoln, 129 doe; David Patterson, Lincoln, 90 doe; Cory Jennings, Hinesburg, 108 doe; Gabriel Meader, Monkton, 128 doe; Craig Jennings, Bristol, 113-5 buck; John Chamberlain, Starksboro, 105 doe; John Chamberlain Jr., Lincoln, 95 doe; and Daniel Briggs, Bristol, 94 doe.
Richard Malzac, New Haven, 109 doe; Nick Lossman, Lincoln, female; Jeff Palmer, Starksboro, 74 female; Todd Laflam, Monkton, 67 female; Pernell Bedell, Monkton, 114 doe; Caleb Tucker, Ira, 122-6; Daniel Cram, Middlebury, 135 doe; Mark Deering, Benson, 93 doe; and Brian Ladeau, Weybridge, 88-4.
October Bow
James Reynolds, Salisbury, 163-6; William Keefe, Bridport, 163-6; John Curler, Middlebury, 143-5; Fred Waite, Warren, 129 doe; Chris Ringey, Cornwall, 127 doe; Ronald Devoid, Middlebury, 125-8; Steven Rheaume, Cornwall, 124 doe; Wendy Butler, New Haven, 121-3; and Matthew Lawton, Bridport, 121 doe.
Also, Morris Lackey, Shoreham, 120 doe; Donald Keeler, Middlebury, 120-4; Robert James, Weybridge, 116-6; Terrence Ferson, Leicester, 115 doe; Michael Desjadon, Middlebury, 113 doe; Gary Perkins, Weybridge, 110 doe; David Wemette, Middlebury, 110 doe; Charles Torrey, Salisbury, 107-3; and Michael Loven, Pittsford, 103 doe.
Also, Anthony Andrews, Warren, 97 doe; Robert Cameron, Salisbury, 95 doe; Paul Blair, Ripton, 93 doe; Frank Raymond, New Haven, 92 doe; Daniel Stein, Ferrisburgh, 91 doe; Cory Newton, Middlebury, 91 doe; Carlos Faulkner, Brandon, 89 doe; Levi Doria, Ripton, 87 male; and Bobby Bennett, Middlebury, 55 male.
Blake Emilo-Webb, Ripton, 157-8; Martin Landon, Weybridge, 151-0; Lyle Webb, Ripton, 145-8; Gregory Raymond, 135-5; David Wemette, Middlebury, 127-4; Raymond Gale, Salisbury, 126-4; Michael Palmer, Salisbury, 120-8; Robert Cameron, Middlebury, 116 doe; Justin Malzac, Middlebury, 115 doe; and David Ambrose, Sudbury, 112 doe.
Also, Robert Clark, Hubbardton, 112 doe; Devin Dwire, Salisbury, 111-7; Harold Doria, Ripton, 105-4; Barry Whitney, Cornwall, 104 doe and 110 doe; Darcy Trudeau, Brandon, 102 doe; Philip Cyr, Sudbury, 95 doe; Dylan Disorda, Salisbury, 87 doe; Caleb Whitney, Benson, 76 doe; and Terry Aldrich, Cornwall, 75 doe.
Also, Morris Lackey, Shoreham, 71 doe; Stacey Stearns, 65 female; Brian Ladeau, Weybridge, 130 doe; Shawn Frost, Poultney, 60 male; Daniel Zentara, Granville, 135-3; Levi Doria, Ripton, 130-6; Pam Bessette, Middlebury, 125 doe; and Jason Lucia, Bristol, 120 doe.
October Bow
Jeremy Lattrell, Lincoln, 80 doe; Tyler Cousino, New Haven, 117 doe; and Andre Rheaume, New Haven, 135 doe.
Zachary Laurie, Bristol, 143 doe and 124 doe; Bruce Cheever, Middlebury, 60 female; Eric Daley, New Haven, 80 doe; Conrad Aube, Bristol, 92 doe; Jon Boise, New Haven, 125 doe; Leon Demers, New haven, 135-8 and 137 doe; John Mlcuch, New Haven, 100 doe; Robert Therrien, Charlotte, 122 buck; Dustin Tierney, Orwell, 77 male; Caleb Tucker, Bristol, 121 doe; and Rusty Conant, Hubbardton, 133 doe.
Also, Charles Morris, New Haven, 105 doe; Henry Tierney, Monkton, 135 doe; Robert Twenge, Bristol, 110-1; Andrea Wernhoff, Addison, 80 doe; Langdon Smith, New Haven, 144 doe; Cale Pelland, Hubbardton, 124 doe; Alexandria Brace, Ferrisburgh, 79 doe; Billy Hurlburt, Westford, 111 doe; Chris Bingham, Cornwall, 146 doe; and Thomas Kenyon, Monkton, 133-3.
October Bow*
Stephen Davis, New Haven, 173-6; Jason Twenge, Bristol, 169-8; Patrick Mcglaflin, Charlotte, 167-5; Elwood Martin, Pawlet, 159-4; Eric Preston, Panton, 163-7; Bruce Perlee, New Haven, 159-8; Andrew Piper, Leicester, 154-8; Patrick Needham, New Haven, 145-3; Louis Phelps, Monkton, 142 doe; and Gary Hallock, Monkton, 139-4.
Also, William Brown, Ferrisburgh, 137 doe; Craig Ringer, Weybridge, 135-7; Kim Gooden, Ferrisburgh, 133-8; Sterling Pelsue, Monkton, 130-3; Eric Campbell, Ferrisburgh, 130-4; Brian Baillargeon, Lincoln, 129-5; Arne McKinley, Weybridge, 128 doe; Jason Miller, Morristown, 128 doe; Phillip Williams, Middlebury, 125 doe; and Aaron Josey, New Haven, 124 doe.
Also, Corey Haight, Charlotte, 122-5; Kai Sweeten, Salisbury, 121-4; Steve Shores, Ferrisburgh, 120-5; Matt Leonard, Starksboro, 118 doe; Kevin Kayhart, Waltham, 117 doe; Kyle Charron, Ferrisburgh, 117 doe; Daniel Flynn, Addison, 116 doe; Gary English, Addison, 115-4; Christopher Melendy, Bridport, 122 doe; and Bruce Cram, Ripton, 115 doe.
Also, Kevin Masse, New Haven, 112 doe; Jeremy Jennings, Middlebury, 111 doe; Tyler Flynn, Charlotte, 111 doe; Dyllinger Higbee, Monkton, 111 doe; Seth Gebo, Ferrisburgh, 109 doe; Olivia Jones, Salisbury, 109 doe; Kevin Carter, Bridport, 108 doe; Maxwell Flynn, Shoreham, 107 doe; Adam Loven, Salisbury, 106 doe; and Matthew Sheehan, Ferrisburgh, 106 doe.
Also, Robert Jennings, Bridport, 104-3; Mathew Badger, Ferrisburgh, 104 doe; Paul Deering, Bridport, 103 doe; Daniel Bushey, Chittenden, 97 doe; Lucius Cousino, Bristol, 92 doe; Andre Deering, Bridport, 91 doe; Scott Stearns, Ferrisburgh, 91-4; Brian Morin, New Haven, 88 doe; Richard Greene, Charlotte, 88 doe; Franklin Loven, Monkton, 87 doe; Logan Boyer, Addison, 65 female; and Mark Chapman, Bridport, 62 male.  
*December: Rack ’N Reel declined to provide names of successful hunters during December deer seasons, but provided numbers of kills (35) and details on deer.
October Bow
Earl Pecor, Bristol, 102 doe; James Sweeney, Lincoln, 130-4; Miles Russell, Hinesburg, 117 doe; Edward Lafayette, Lincoln, 136-8; Troy Francis, Warren, 71 fawn; Eric LaRose, Starksboro, 100 doe; Joseph Calevro, Richmond, 98 doe; and Joshua Kruger, Huntington, 68 fawn.
Also, Patrick Fitzgerald, Huntington, 120 doe; Gabriel Cousino, Lincoln, 118-3; Erin Dalley, New Haven, 140 doe; Eric Gracie, Middlebury, 104-3; Brian Heffernan, New Haven, 107 doe; Mathew Norris, New Haven, 124 doe; and Patrick Reen, Lincoln, 97 doe.
Josh Roscoe, Starksboro, 123 doe; John Gillette, Waitsfield, 118 doe; Roland Haskins, Huntington, 114-4; Eric Jennings, Bristol, 65 fawn, and Monkton, 130-7; Adam Thompson, Fayston, 137-9; Erin Dailey, Huntingon, 100 doe; Ryan Whitcomb, Bristol, 100-4; John Nolet, Huntington, 100 doe; Tucker Porter, Starksboro, 84 doe; Burton Shangraw, Huntington, 62 fawn; and Philip Lenz, Starksboro, 113 doe.
Dana Smith, Huntington, 196-8; David Cunningham, Monkton, 58 fawn; David Whitcomb, Bristol, 130-7; Mark Siminitus, Starksboro, 87 doe; Henry Emmons, Starksboro, 156-6; Andrew Bissonette, Bristol, 180-5; Albert Dickerson, Huntington, 117 doe; Paul Morse, Starksboro, 155-8 and 80 doe; Brian Stokes, Hinesburg, 65 fawn; Larry Haskins, Huntington, 104-0; Michael Price, Huntington, 81-7; Rollin Jimmo, Lincoln, 115 doe; and Benjamin Turner, Starksboro, 117-4.
October Bow
Callahan Butler, Bristol, 105 doe; Aaron Trombley, Shoreham, 150-6; Jerry Butler, Bristol, 136-8; Gabe Cameron. Salisbury, 107 doe; Brian Boise, Cornwall, 117 doe; Shawn Frost, Middlebury, 116 doe; Billy Wedge, Leicester, 117-4; David Yandow, New Haven, 143 doe; Lyle Webb, Ripton, 139 doe; and James Warner, Middlebury, 70 female.
Dean Rheaume, Middlebury, 116-6; Maurice Rheaume, Middlebury, 119 doe; Gary Warner, Middlebury, 80 doe; Henry Ramsey, New Haven, 74 doe; Michael Forbes, Middlebury, 126 doe; Robert Larose, Ripton, 138-4; Dalton Rheaume, Orwell, 130 doe; plus two; Timothy Whitney Jr., Cornwall, 154 doe; Timothy Whitney Sr., Cornwall, 101 doe.
October Bow
Bradley Disorda, Orwell, 112 doe; Duane Kehoe, Shoreham, 125 doe; Dylan Lanpher, Shoreham, 196-8; David Fuller, Cornwall, 109 doe; William Maloy, Sudbury, 117 doe; James Buzzell Jr., Chittenden, 124 doe; Richard Russell, Orwell, 137-4; and Raymond Savoie, Tinmouth, 98 doe.
Also, Bruce Potter, Sudbury, 101 doe; Dennis Patterson, Shoreham, 112 doe; Michael Dame, West Haven, 66 female; Gene Goodspeed, Orwell, 109-6 and 58 fawn; Sarah Washburn, Orwell, 147-5; Taylor Patterson, Shoreham, 118 doe; Wyatt Forbes, Whiting, 125 doe; and Devin Dwire, Cornwall, 131 doe.
Also, Matt Spardella, West Haven, 130-5; Alan Christian, Orwell, 142 doe; Russell Bishop Jr., Shoreham, 117 doe; John Gosselin, Shoreham, 117-3; Gregory Raymond, Cornwall, 133 doe; Chris Hanson, Orwell, 182-6; Todd Huntley, Benson, 154-8; and Robert Ryan, Fair Haven, 110-5.
Also, Dennis Parsons, Shoreham, 120 doe and 110 doe; Steve Myrick, Bridport, 131-6; Ron Parent, Orwell, 222-4; Justin Quenneville, Whiting, 111 doe; Jacob Abbott, Orwell, 131 doe; Jeff Booska, Orwell, 113 doe; Delbert Frazier Jr., West Haven, 125 doe; and Robert Ketcham, Shoreham, 142-6.
Also, David Hanson, Shoreham, 108 doe; Jon Audet, Orwell, 157-7; Bob Almeida, Orwell, 177-4; Tom Blackbird, West Haven, 140 doe; Greg Raymond, Cornwall, 114-6; William Telgen Jr., Shoreham, 127 doe; Steven Brileya, Shoreham, 138 doe; Stephen Manning, Shoreham, 68 female; Jim Ryan, Shoreham; 74 female; and Ben Alger, Orwell, 152 doe.
Dylan D’Avignon, Orwell, 121-4; Larry Bishop, Orwell, 135-3; Jeff Disorda, Benson, 123-5; Nathan Thompson, Benson, 105 doe; Shawn Cook, Castleton, 132 doe and 104-3; Glen Hayward, Castleton, 144-8; Dean Ouellette, Orwell, 125 doe; Jared Disorda, Whiting, 135 doe; Wyatt Forbes, Orwell, 61 female; and Joseph Paquette, Orwell, 139 doe.
Also, Dennis Cummings, Orwell, 140 doe; Eric Russell, Orwell, 112 doe; J. Swenson, Orwell, 105 doe; Matt Bourgeois, Whiting, 122 doe; Dan Boyce, Benson, 113 doe and 130-7; Jacqueline Fyles, Orwell, 124 doe; Rikki Cloutier, Shoreham, 155-8; Brian Kemp, Sudbury, 132-6; Ray Bradish, Orwell, 130-4; and Shane Wood, West Haven, 132 doe.
Also, Charles Eddy, Orwell, 115 doe; Robert Ryan, Orwell, 136-8; Leslie Myers, Hubbardton, 101 doe; Andrew Lane, New Haven, 120 doe; Leslie Johnson, Orwell, 142 doe; Doug Tracy, West Haven, 144 doe; Charlie Johnson, Benson, 112 doe; Fred Hotte, Shoreham, 75 doe; Rupert LaRock, Sudbury, 145-8; and Paul Maynard, Orwell, 167-10.
Also, Jason D’Avignon, Orwell, 118 doe; Bruce Bishop, Orwell, 118 doe; Paul Parent, Shoreham, 189-4; Joe Russell, Orwell, 126 doe; Dennis Briere, Benson, 138 doe; Andrew Lanthier, Benson, 118-5 and 100 doe; Jacob Abbott, Sudbury, 103 doe; Eric Hall, Bristol, 136-6; Alan Christian, Benson, 120 doe; Christopher Mongeur, Orwell, 145 doe; and Taylor Patterson, 136 doe.

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