Letter to the editor: Trump creating bigger ‘swamp’

Trump said he would drain the swamp in Washington. We are watching as he creates a newer and bigger swamp. Watch as he appoints alligators to guard hen houses. He reads alt news with its made up stories. We find that a town in Moravia was paid to set up websites to spread false stories about Hillary. Poor Hillary probably didn’t even know since she surely didn’t read such things as Breitbart, with so many important things to do.
Politicians need to assign to helpers to keep track of Internet lies. But I still find people who couldn’t vote for Hillary due to “all the bad things she did.” When those “bad things” were made up by Trump supporters. Who paid those story makers in Moravia? Hillary? No. The New York Times? No. Guess who is left. What is happening to our democracy if they are swayed by new and disgusting ways on the Internet.
Peter Grant

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