Letter to the editor: Havurah is grateful to its neighbors

The members of Havurah are deeply grateful to our Middlebury and Addison County neighbors and to friends from farther away for their expressions of solidarity — in word, deed and supportive attendance of our recent Saturday morning service, Nov. 19 — following the discovery of hostile graffiti on our door.
Though we like to think of Vermont as a refuge from baseless hatred and intolerance, we must acknowledge that it sometimes lies just below the surface even here and needs little encouragement to emerge. 
Communication, education and the determination of a united community are our best hope for creating a culture of mutual understanding and preventing future manifestations of bigotry.  We are proud to work with our neighbors and friends in this all-important effort.
With appreciation and hope.
Michael and Judy Olinick on behalf of the Addison County Jewish Congregation

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