Bristol church gives to refugees

BRISTOL — “Weaving God’s Love Across Cultures” is the slogan of the Massachusetts Baptist Multicultural Ministries in Lexington, Mass. Each year the ladies of the First Baptist Church of Bristol collect items for the American Baptist Association of N.H. and Vt. for the White Cross projects to share in spreading God’s love. These often go to help those overseas.
This year because the items were going to the MBMM in Massachusetts, the ladies decided to deliver them in person to hear about the work. The MBMMs’ goal is that refugees seamlessly achieve a path to self-sufficiency, inclusion and become active citizens in their new communities. The MBMM is active in Somalian, Congolese, Burmese, Bhutanese and Iraqi refugee communities in Lynn, Dorchester, Lowell, Worcester, and Springfield, Mass.
The ladies found it inspirational to hear how the MBMMinistries is reaching out in love to those from different faiths and cultures.

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