Local firms support ‘Click-it or Ticket’ safety effort

NEW HAVEN — This past Wednesday, Nov. 23, local businesses joined law enforcement officers and officials from the Governor’s Highway Safety Council, AAA of New England and the Vermont Truck and Bus Association to promote the importance of seat belt use in a press conference in New Haven.
Phoenix Feeds & Nutrition of New Haven and Mike’s Fuels of Bridport were the featured local businesses at the event. Officials said these companies promote occupant protection, not only within their operations, but in all areas where they do business. Both companies have agreed to place “Click-it or Ticket” decals on their vehicles in a further attempt to saturate the motoring public with the message that using seat belts is not only a good idea, but it is required by law.
The press conference took place in the parking lot at Phoenix Feeds, and included police officers from the Vergennes Police Department and the Vermont State Police, among others.
AAA, also known as the American Automobile Association, advised that over Thanksgiving a million more Americans were expected to travel than last year because of a boost in consumer confidence.  Nearly 9 in 10 people travel by automobile.  With a greater number of vehicles on the road, comes a potential for more crashes resulting in injury or death.
Many of these can be avoided by simply wearing a seatbelt.
Vermont Law Enforcement will be actively enforcing traffic laws this holiday season to make sure all travelers are wearing their seatbelts.
Vermont has already seen the loss of 57 lives on our roads in 2016.  Please, Click-it or Ticket.

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