Salisbury students learn tennis in county-wide program

MIDDLEBURY — Students from Salisbury Community School show their excitement during a Family Fun Night tennis program sponsored by the Addison Community Athletics Foundation (ACAF) and held at Middlebury Indoor Tennis last month. During the past year, more than 650 Addison County kids and family members have benefited from ACAF tennis programs through school PE, afterschool and community tennis programs.
The program with Salisbury introduced tennis to the entire student population — that’s 101 students who had the opportunity to learn how to play tennis. ACAF was able to do this with the help of volunteers, ACAF instructors, and teachers.  The program encompassed six sessions of tennis instruction and play, and culminated with a Family Fun Night on Oct. 28 at Middlebury Indoor Tennis that more than 60 people attended.
The Fun Night showcased what the kids learned, and also got families on the courts together (ACAF provided dinner). The entire program — from tennis instruction to the Family Fun Night to a pizza dinner — was free for the schools and communities involved.
Interested families can continue playing together at Middlebury Indoor Tennis at no cost during the Sunday Family Play time that runs from 10:30 a.m.-noon throughout the school year.  For more information about tennis programming in schools or the Sunday Family Play, contact ACAF Program Coordinator Erin Morrison at [email protected].

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