Middlebury Police Log: Police investigating swastika vandalism in Middlebury

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police investigated a report of someone drawing two Swastika symbols on the door of the Havurah Jewish community headquarters on North Pleasant Street on Nov. 14. The graffiti was first observed on that Monday morning.
As previously reported in the Addison Independent, the Swastikas were made with a green marker and were wiped off by Havurah officials when police left the scene. Anyone with information about this hate crime should call Middlebury police at 388-3191.
In other action last week, Middlebury police:
•  Turned a “highly intoxicated” man over to a sober friend in the Main Street area on Nov. 14.
•  Served a temporary restraining order on a Seymour Street man on Nov. 14.
•  Were told of a theft from Middlebury Union High School on Nov. 15. Police did not disclose specifics about the crime, which was handled by MUHS administrators.
•  Responded to a report of a fight involving two MUHS students on campus on Nov. 15. Police issued juveniles citations for simple assault and disorderly conduct to both students.
•  Responded to a noise complaint involving an idling tractor at 12:21 a.m. on Court Street Extension on Nov. 15.
•  On Nov. 16 heard from a local man who alleged that someone had set up a credit card account in his name.
•  Launched a child endangerment investigation at a Jayne Court residence on Nov. 16 based on a Vermont Department for Children & Families report of the presence of narcotics in that household.
•  Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS in responding to a report of a North Pleasant Street woman intentionally cutting herself on Nov. 17. Responders took the woman to Porter Hospital.
•  Received a report that some prescription drugs had been stolen from a home in the Commodore Way neighborhood on Nov. 17.
•  Responded to a noise complaint on Washington Street on Nov. 17.
•  Helped Porter Hospital find a suicidal patient who had left the Emergency Department on Nov. 17.
•  Continued an ongoing investigation on Nov. 18 into a disorderly conduct incident at the Maplefields store off North Pleasant Street.
•  Served a temporary restraining order on a woman on Route 7 South on Nov. 18.
•  Investigated a reported junk ordinance violation at a Woodland Park residence on Nov. 18. Police said it was the fourth complaint they had received about this particular residence.
•  Assisted Porter Medical Center officials with an unruly patient on Nov. 19.
•  Investigated a report of a distraught man behind the Ilsley Public Library off Main Street on Nov. 19. Police said the man said he was OK and just “having a bad day.”
•  Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS with a drunken man at the intersection of Route 7 North and Exchange Street on Nov. 19.
•  Assisted three separate drivers who went off local roadways during snowy weather on Nov. 20.
•  Received a report that a person at a Route 7 North residence had been assaulted during a domestic disturbance on Nov. 20. Police said the alleged victim refused to cooperate in the investigation and declined referrals to social service agencies.

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