Ferrisburgh to review Plank Road speed issues

FERRISBURGH — Members of the Ferrisburgh selectboard last week sat down briefly with Daniel Crossman, a Plank Road resident who first spoke with the board a year ago about what he called an unsafe stretch of that road between South Middlebrook and Pea Ridge roads.
Crossman approached the board in November 2015 after a speeding car struck his wife’s car as she was pulling out of their driveway; fortunately, she only needed stitches. 
His driveway is one of several near three short dead-end streets that are on a slight rise between two long, straight paved stretches of the road, in a 40 mph zone that lacks signs to indicate the speed limit.
The visibility as they pull out on Plank Road is limited to about 150 feet, Crossman said a year ago, adding that there have been three other accidents in recent years in the area.
Since then, the Addison County Sheriff’s Department has installed a sign that flashes drivers’ speed at them, and Crossman told the board the sign appears to have helped, even though he recently saw a Subaru make the sign flash 76 mph.
Also, a Vermont Transportation official visited the stretch and concluded the lack of signs in the immediate area means “by statute the speed limit is 50 mph,” and recommended Ferrisburgh “establish a 30 mph zone” and post signs.
The Addison County Regional Planning Commission also it will do a traffic study, and board members on Nov. 15 said tubing to measure volume and speed of traffic could be placed on that stretch at any time.
Crossman and the board agreed to meet again once data from that study was in hand. 

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