Republicans win elections by lying; Trump no exception

Trump is a loser.
Elizabeth Warren finally said it out loud, “Trump is a loser.”
He lost a billion dollars. Imagine what he will do with the U.S. budget, where we are talking about real money.
When we heard about his tax returns and the billion loss, the wise pundits only thought about the tax write-off. The tax write-off was a minor problem compared to Trump being unable to run a business.
Why didn’t Hillary mention this? All I heard was that we need his business skills. No, his business skills are nearly nonexistent.
Trump had a minor success in a business so he turned around and borrowed lots of money on a business buying spree. He didn’t know how to run any of them so they lost lots of money. Others had to take over and only kept him on some payrolls for his name. They don’t let him handle business affairs.
Now, he wants to have backwards Republican politicians run the country for him. We know what happens then. A Democrat had to get the U.S. recovered from a Republican Depression from the Republican Herbert Hoover. Another Democrat had to save the U.S. from a Republican recession in 2006. How many more cases can you name where Democrats saved the U.S. from horrible Republican economics.
These Repugnicants want to return the U.S. to the (repugnant) 1890s where people starved to death or lived in old age in abject poverty after working hard all their lives. One thing they want to do is remove health insurance instead of fixing it. Oh, you think they want to fix it? Why haven’t they tried to in the last six years, where their only effort is hurt people.
The case of Hillary has been around a long time but needs reviewing. The national Republican party has a long history of spreading falsehoods. Books have been written about this like “The Great Republican Noise Machine.” It seems they can’t win elections without lying, or gerrymandering or getting good citizens (who might vote Democratic) off the voting lists and then claim something about voter fraud, where the Republicans are the ones creating the fraud.
With Hillary they kept repeating “Benghazi” and “emails” so much that so many people thought that all that smoke from Republican smoke machines must mean that Hillary is on fire. Trump added to that impression so much that it is hard to get some people to be civil and stop and realize that there is no illegal there. She copied others and used her personal email as others around her did, which was an improper procedure.
And the case of Hillary lying? These words are from a continuous maker up of false information. Why hasn’t anyone called Trump out on his fabrications and changing stories.
I have heard that expectations for Trump are so bad that Republicans are considering impeaching him so his Vice President will take over, who is more predictable, whatever his name is.
Peter Grant

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