Focus must stay on global warming

Angelo Lynn’s editorial, “Inconceivable! And yet, hope,” is right on the mark.
As quoted in the editorial, Bill McKibben said that “the daily heating of the planet” will not cease just because of the election of Donald Trump. Indeed, with little or no action on climate change, our nation and the world will be missing what may be our last, great chance to slow the heating of our planet.
McKibben continues, “This is the challenge of our time: it was a tough fight Tuesday and it is a tough fight today. But we have no choice except to fight that fight.”
I have personally challenged myself to redouble my efforts to work for climate solutions and I encourage my fellow citizens to think hard about steps you can take at the personal and local level to make a difference. I am well aware that those who have done the least to cause climate change will be the most severely affected.
Everyone has something to offer, whether it be a change in personal behavior, such as ride sharing or buying local food, or working on the state and national level to bring about solutions to this looming crisis. There are many good organizations such as that could use your support.
We are now challenged on so many fronts, but we must keep the future of all living things on our planet clearly in our sights as we focus on the future.
Fran Putnam

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