LNAs earn licenses

MIDDLEBURY — The faculty and staff of the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center Adult Education Program in Middlebury recently announced that the eight Hannaford students completed the Licensed Nurse Assistant certificate program during the fall of 2016 and were licensed by the Vermont State Board of Nursing.
Students learned the basics of assisting patients, body mechanics, ethics and communication in the medical setting. Completion of this program requires that students demonstrate proficiency in recognizing several life-threatening emergencies, administering CPR and using an AED, performing essential patient care procedures, and pass written and practical exams to demonstrate their knowledge and ability.
The following students successfully completed the LNA program and were licensed by the state of Vermont:
Arlene Atkins, Sabrina Bell, Melissa Cole, Jasmine Heath, Soleil Jean, Amber LaFountain, Rachel Sorrell and Molly Wetmore.

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