Letter to the editor: Motorcyclists, bicycle riders safest with extra lights

I agree with Dr. Patrick Stine (Addison Independent 10/27 editorial: “Battery-powered strobe lights could save a life”). I’d like to thank all motorcycle drivers for having their lights on day and night, even though the law only requires they be on at night. As a driver, I appreciate that I can more easily see and avoid you.
If I were driving a motorcycle I, too, would want to be visible, because I know I would be horribly hurt or killed in an accident with a car of truck. Bicyclists are even smaller than a motorcycles on the road. No doubt cyclists would lose big time in an accident with a car or truck.
I urge all cyclists to have flashing lights on the rear and front of their bicycles to ensure drivers can see and avoid you. I also urge that cyclists ride responsibly and with anticipation. Thank you!
Bob (driver and cyclist) Donnis

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