Letter to the editor: Vote Van Wyck and Thursto to reject carbon tax

As someone who has only lived in Vermont for a few months I was intrigued by the candidates debate your newspaper hosted in Vergennes. As a voter with no historical connection to the state it gave me an opportunity to hear from the candidates directly.
Glossy mailers and campaign sound bites are one thing but a well moderated debate (well done to your news editor) gives us a chance to see what the candidates are really like. My biggest concern is the threat of a new carbon tax and I was especially interested to hear what our local candidates had to say on it.
I was really surprised that our sitting State Rep. Diane Lanpher said she would not be able to say if she was for or against the carbon tax until she saw the legislation! I think most of us know that adding even more tax to gas and heating bills in the current economic climate is crazy!
This draconian tax will really hit those families who struggle to pay their gas and heating bills as it is. Couple that with Fritz Langrock, her running mate, saying “Vermonters drive too much.”
I am sure he means well (I respect all the candidates for giving up their time to run for office) but really, sir? Most of us use the car for our commute to work and for transporting our kids to various events, we do live in a rural state after all.
I am pleased that Warren Van Wyck and Monique Thurston were unequivocally against the imposition of the carbon tax on hard-working families in Vermont. They get my vote!
Shane Whaley

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