Letter to the editor: Sheriff backs candidate for position of high bailiff

The candidate with the most experience for the position of High Bailiff is incumbent Charles S. Clark, Jr. Charlie has been an Addison County Deputy Sheriff for 33 years. For 28 of those years he has been in a leadership role serving as Chief Deputy under deceased Sheriff Jim Coons and myself. Charlie holds the rank of Captain and currently has all the powers of the Sheriff including signing checks in my absence. He is a trusted employee of the Addison County Sheriff’s Department and the State of Vermont.
In the year 2000, Captain Clark was selected as Deputy Sheriff of the Year by the Vermont Sheriff’s Association. In the year 2012, Captain Clark was the recipient of the prestigious Bill Graham Award given to him by the Vermont Sheriff’s Association for his dedication to the State of Vermont, Vermont Sheriff’s Association and law enforcement.
Please vote for Charles S. Clark Jr., a professional lawman, for the position of High Bailiff.
Donald M. Keeler, Jr.
Addison County Sheriff

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