Letter to the editor: Lanpher dishonest on carbon tax

Diane Lanpher is being dishonest with her constituents regarding the Carbon Tax. I recently emailed her with a simple question asking whether or not she supported this tax. She responded by email saying, “Have not heard of any carbon tax proposal…. There is nothing for me to comment on at the moment. If you are aware of any specifics, please let me know about it.”
For Diane Lanpher to have heard nothing about the Carbon Tax proposal is not believable. This carbon tax proposal was put forth by VPIRG and a coalition of 20 of some of the most influential special interest lobbying groups in Montpelier. It has been a major topic of debate between the gubernatorial candidates and regular Vermonters for months. When Lanpher says there is nothing for her to comment on at the moment, that is also dishonest.
There were two bills on the Carbon Tax introduced in the House during the last legislative session, one of which was debated extensively for two years by the Natural Resources and Energy Committee. The tax has also been a topic highlighted by the House Climate Caucus, which supports the tax — and of which Lanpher is a member. Constituents deserve straight, honest answers from our Representatives.
In return for our votes we deserve to be treated with honesty and respect, and we are not being treated with honesty or respect by Diane Lanpher. This is very disappointing and not the kind of representation that I want and deserve. This November I will be voting for Warren Van Wyck and Monique Thurston.
Cheryl McEwan

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