Letter to the editor: Democrats and Progressives best hope to move forward

The upcoming election, in which some of us have already voted, is critical both nationally and also for the State of Vermont. The importance of voting for sanity and against racism and misogyny in the presidential contest should be obvious. But I believe that the statewide contests also merit our attention and concern.
Because of the need to confront climate change, conserve energy, extend health care to all, and reduce economic inequality, I think it does matter who we elect as our next governor and who we send to represent us in the Legislature. So I am pleased to say that I have voted for Sue Minter as the best choice for governor.
Sue is a thoughtful and able person who is committed to a better life for all Vermonters, and honest about the need to raise the needed resources to move in that direction. Despite what her opponent would have us believe, we cannot meet the real needs of our communities without raising revenues. Paying taxes is one of the ways we maintain the social fabric on which we all depend.
In that same light, I have supported Claire Ayer and Chris Bray for re-election to the Vermont Senate. Each of them — Claire in the area of medical care, and Chris in land use and energy planning — has knowledge and commitment that our state needs as we look ahead to very real challenges in these areas.
With three able candidates for the Vermont House here in Middlebury, I have voted for Amy Sheldon and Jill Charbonneau as the two most aligned with progressive ideas.
I also urge my friends in Addison 4 to re-elect Dave Sharpe to the House, and those in Addison 3 to re-elect Diane Lanpher. Their opponents are good at talking about “Vermont values” and cutting spending, but both Dave and Diane have actually grappled with the issues and helped to craft solutions, especially in the areas of school funding reform and transportation planning. We need them back!
We cannot afford a period of political stagnation at this time in our history. Moving backward is not an option. Electing Democrats and Progressives is our best hope to keep moving forward.
David Andrews
Washington Street Extension

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