Letter to the editor: Nice guy, but Ferrisburgh candidate’s too doom & gloom

Are you represented? I like Warren Van Wyck and his family, they are nice people. But does he truly represent us? After listening to a candidate forum here in Vergennes, I realized how very negative his views are regarding our economy, our schools, our business climate, our energy potential and the future of Vermont. It is all doom and gloom.
I questioned his statement that school consolidation meant a loss of local control and a big board would move in to take over without knowing the local schools. This is a grossly exaggerated statement that can instill fear in people who are not involved in our local school system. Afterward I asked him if he knew who the people were on this new “big” board. He did not.
I tried to inform him they were all local folks and many were from the same small boards he previously trusted. It is still local caring people stepping up and volunteering their time for our local schools. The sky was not falling. It was clear to me he wasn’t listening to me and was tool entrenched in his opinion to hear me.
Have you ever been on a committee in which one person votes no just for the sake of being an obstructionist? It handicaps forward progress and doesn’t solve problems. Warren may hold the title of most no votes in the State House. I researched his voting record and here is a partial list of the issues over the last couple of years for which Warren has voted no:
• The Equal Pay Act (for women)
• School district consolidation
• Control of health care costs
• GMO labeling
• Commonsense campaign finance reform
• Paid sick leave
• Tax on E-cigarettes
• Increase percent of electricity from renewable energy
• Same day voter registration
• Every state budget
• Minimum wage increase (from $8.73 to $10.10)
• New gun control regulations for felons and mentally ill
• Toxic Free Families Act (to regulate toxic substances from children’s toys)
Does this record represent you? It does not represent me. It does not represent my friends and family. It does not represent my neighbors in Vergennes. After a very negative, disappointing, soul sucking presidential campaign, we could all use a dose of positive energy and thoughtful consideration, not more of Warren Van Wyck. Let’s follow his example and vote no for Warren.
Cheryl Brinkman

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