Letter to the editor: Thurston smart, fiscally sound

I hope voters in Addison, Ferrisburgh, Panton, Vergennes and Waltham will join me in voting for Monique Thurston to be one of our representatives in the Vermont House. She will bring an intelligent and fiscally conservative voice to Montpelier, where there is great need to stop and think about financial impact before enacting legislation.
Monique has, during this campaign, demonstrated outstanding desire and effort to reach out and listen to residents of our district. She has heard and taken to heart the concerns and needs they have expressed. I feel strongly that, as a legislator, she will continue to listen to us all and will act and vote in the best interest of our 5-town district.
Although Vermont is a small state, we have complex and growing needs to address. I believe Monique’s presence in the House will help our state to move forward in ways that are intelligent, compassionate, and fiscally sound. Please vote for Monique Thurston on Nov. 8.
Kitty Oxholm

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