Letter to the editor: Incumbent senators merit support

We are pleased to be casting our votes for Sens. Chris Bray and Claire Ayer for Addison County Senate. We are also enthusiastically casting our votes for District. 4 Rep. David Sharpe. These legislators have a stellar legislative record on environmental issues, each having a 95 percent lifetime environmental voting record from Vermont Conservation Voters. These legislators understand that investing in cleaning up our lakes and rivers boosts our economy and quality of life, and their leadership has been critical in ensuring strong clean water legislation was enacted that incorporated input from farmers, businesses, scientists and many others.
Sen. Bray specifically worked very hard this past legislative session as chair of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy to strike a balance between moving ahead with our commitment to a clean energy future, while ensuring communities have the opportunity to have a greater voice and say in how and where that energy is developed. Sen. Bray knows that we can all work together to create the energy future we want for ourselves and our children.
That’s why we hope you will join us in voting for Sen. Chris Bray, Sen. Clair Ayer and Rep. Dave Sharpe on Election Day, Nov. 8.
Diane and Mike Corey

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