Letter to the editor: Bruhl has proven himeself as listener, shown integrity

We are writing in support of Taborri Bruhl for state representative in New Haven, Bridport and Weybridge. What first impressed us about Taborri when he came to our house is that he didn’t talk about himself, but wanted to learn about us, our worries and our ideas.
The environment and energy, economic justice, kids and education, farming and land conservation: he’s got goodwill, curiosity and the intelligence to work for what’s best for all of us.
Taborri has been going door-to-door in Addison-5 since July — he’s visited more than 1,330 households since the Primary in July — so we know a lot of you have met him too, felt his kindness, heard his ideas and had the experience of being listened to.
He’s both a committed teacher and a dedicated learner. We trust his mind, his heart and his integrity and recommend him to all of you. Look him up on Facebook at Bruhl for state representative!
Anna Rose and John Benson

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