Opinion: Tax on carbon fuels would hurt working Vermonters

Vermonters we need to get loud! We cannot sit quietly while the state legislators hit us with another huge tax. I am specifically speaking of the 88 cent per gallon tax many are planning to implement on all fossil fuels. Vermonters are already the most overtaxed people in the country, with the possible exception of Hawaii, how could anyone possibly think we can stand any more taxes. This is not just any tax, this will create an enormous burden on most working Vermonters. We need to heat our homes and drive to work. This will cost Vermonters millions and millions of dollars.
I believe this is the progressives’ way of trying to stop people from using any fossil fuels. We are not ready for that as a nation. Vermonters already have the most expensive electric bills in the country and they go up constantly. The rate did go down very slightly but that is only because the smart meters have significantly higher readings for the same amount of power usage.
Every time a solar panel is installed in Vermont, our taxes go up because the government (the taxpayers) are covering 70 percent to 80 percent of the cost and our electric bills get even higher because the electric company has to buy electricity 40 percent more than they sell it for.
This means that anyone who does not have solar panels subsidizes them through their electric bills as well as their taxes. Now they are trying to force us to buy even more electricity. Here in our region of the state we have so many solar panels that we are near needing an upgrade to the grid, which would of course be another enormous expense that would further cripple us economically.
Many of use here are rejoicing that we finally have a utility that we can afford in natural gas. If you heat with natural gas this tax will raise your heating cost by over 70 percent. We cannot take any more taxes. It is extremely difficult to make ends meet in Vermont. Working people in Vermont usually work two and often three jobs, just to get by.
We must let our legislators know that this tax is not acceptable and make sure that before you vote you know where the candidates stand on this enormous tax. After this November’s election it will be too late.
Bryan Jones

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