Opinion: State senate candidate gets high marks for listening

Sen. Chris Bray, who has served in both the Vermont House and Senate, is one of the best elected officials we have known. He listens to his constituents with a greater depth of concern and really considers what he is being asked to support, then goes to work to find the best solution. We give him an A+ for being responsive to the concerns of the people of Addison County and Vermont.
When a number of Addison County residents contacted legislators about the Vermont Gas Systems pipeline, many turned a deaf ear, or gave a cautious response to avoid the controversy. Sen. Bray took a well-considered approach: he researched the issue thoroughly, and is now drafting a new law to make the PSB more responsive to the public. Sen. Bray was the lead sponsor of this year’s energy siting law, which gives towns a much stronger voice in energy projects.
In 2015, Sen. Bray was the lead sponsor in the senate of the Vermont Clean Water Act. He is a strong supporter of renewables and the environment generally, an issue important for the welfare of our communities and future generations. We commend Chris Bray to our friends and neighbors and hope he will be re-elected to serve us in the Vermont Senate for the next term.
Rev. George Klohck
Margaret Klohck

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