Opinion: Scheu committed to education, environment, schools

Now deep into the campaign season, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all the noise. Let me suggest that you focus for a moment on local election races. I will be voting for Robin Scheu for Middlebury State Representative because of the values I know she will bring to the job. How do I know? I have known and worked with Robin for many years. And while you might trust my judgment, you can form your own by examining her life’s work and choices.
Robin is committed to our community. How can we know? Because she has chosen to serve on the United Way Board (including as chair), the Porter Medical Center Community Advisory Council, the Middlebury Natural Food Co-Op Board, and the Middlebury Town Conservation Committee.
Robin is committed to our environment. How can we know? Because she has chosen to serve on the Vermont Land Trust Board (including as Chair) and the Smart Growth Vermont Board (including as Chair), and to work for the Middlebury Area Land Trust and the Addison County Solid Waste Management District (both as Interim Executive Director).
Robin is committed to jobs and local business development. How can we know? Because she has chosen to work for the Addison County Economic Development Corporation (as Executive Director) and to serve on the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund Board, the Working Lands Enterprise Board, and the Vermont Employee Ownership Center Board.
Robin is committed to excellent education. How can we know? Because she has chosen to serve on the Mary Hogan Elementary School Board (including as Chair), and brought to the school a collaborative contract bargaining model that honors all involved — students, teachers, administrators and community members. So, if you want to get a good sense of what you’ll get in a candidate if s/he is elected, unpack his/her life’s work and choices. By the way, this approach works well for any and all election contests.
I will be casting my other vote for State Representative (in Middlebury we have two) for incumbent Rep. Amy Sheldon. Amy has done an excellent job of representing Middlebury in Montpelier and working on water quality and land conservation issues, and has a lifetime of work in our community in these same important areas.
Steve Maier

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