Opinion: Charbonneau on right side of many issues

Please support Jill Charbonneau for representative from Middlebury. She will work on issues that are important to working Vermonters:
•  $15 per hour minimum wage.
•  Universal publicly financed primary care as the first step to single payer.
•  A fairer tax system — currently the top one percent of Vermonters do not pay their fair share of taxes, depriving the state of needed funds. (Vermont ranks only 46th in tax fairness in the nation).
•  Making sure we make up our current shortfalls in mental health budgets — if we don’t pay up front and address issues early, we end up paying through the criminal justice system, which is not how it should turn out.
•  Investing in environmentally sustainable infrastructure for the state.
Veronica Ciambra

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