Opinion: Bruhl has knowledge, background to serve in House

Taborri Bruhl, my choice for state representative from Addison 5, demonstrates his sincere desire to be of service each day, as a teacher and mentor at Rutland High School conducting classes in history and economics. He knows that making better education more available to more Vermonters is an urgent and continuing necessity.
He recognizes the importance of assistance to low-income families for post-secondary schooling and vocational training to give young people the skills they need to successfully enter the 21st century workforce. His deep understanding of economic systems has led him to support an increase in the minimum wage, because he knows that businesses need more customers with more money to spend. And he knows that state government can make this happen by running a tighter financial ship.
Taborri’s career of service began with combat experience as a Marine Corps officer in the first Gulf War. Now, he is prepared to serve Vermonters as our representative in Montpelier. Taborri knows that this service will require thoughtful decisions on complex issues. He knows that climate change demands that we transition to renewable energy.
He and his family live in a net-zero house and drive solar-powered cars. But he knows that many Vermonters cannot afford the necessary initial costs, so he has pledged to support weatherization programs and other initiatives to help us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.
I want a representative who will study the situation, listen to all sides and then take action that will serve all Vermonters. Taborri Bruhl’s record of service demonstrates that he is that candidate. If you live in Bridport, New Haven or Weybridge please vote for Taborri Bruhl.
Rebecca Strum

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